Step inside the Arrowhead suites to see where the high rollers cheer on the Chiefs

Sweet suites provide premium comfort, access at Arrowhead

Suites ringing Arrowhead Stadium offer prime locations to watch the Chiefs, upscale dining, climate controlled concourses, premium liquor and a private entrance. We tour an upscale Club Gold suite, an open-air field box suite and peek inside the L
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Suites ringing Arrowhead Stadium offer prime locations to watch the Chiefs, upscale dining, climate controlled concourses, premium liquor and a private entrance. We tour an upscale Club Gold suite, an open-air field box suite and peek inside the L

Got $25,000 lying around? People to impress? A desire to see sweat trickling off Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt, up close?

Then you might want to rent a private suite at Arrowhead Stadium for a Chiefs game. Make note: that’s not plural, it’s $25,000 per game.

A full season — eight home games plus pre-season games — will cost you between $150,000 and $400,000, depending on the number of seasons you sign on for. You can choose between an open-air experience with prime views of the field or more posh digs with heat and air conditioning.

Either way, food and drink will cost you extra.

Chiefs officials and their clients say that the high-dollar suites are worth every penny, because they come with gobs of perks and help close business deals.

Chase McAnulty, owner of Charlie Hustle, rented a Club Red suite last year. Deciding to fork over that amount of money, he said, was a bit intimidating, but he feels it pays for itself. So much so that he signed on for this year as well.

“We were fortunate enough to be invited on a team charter flight last year to Denver for the Broncos game,” McAnulty said. “We flew with the football team and several other suite holders. It’s a good way to develop other biz relationships. I connected with the bank we use now, and the owner of Chicken N Pickle, David Johnson. So it’s been a really good relationship builder and hospitality feature for our business that you can’t compare to anything else.”

Tyler Epp, vice president of business development for the Kansas City Chiefs, gave a tour of the suite options during the last pre-season game. The first stop was suite 114A, a field-level box tucked between the lower- and middle-level seats.

It has concrete block walls and is open to the elements. But it also offers great views of the sea of red garbed, screaming Chiefs fans stretching down to the field. Here you have privacy, but you can experience the stadium shaking, and the deafening noise that Arrowhead is known for.

“This is the most cost effective, but it’s truly my favorite, because it really allows you to get the Arrowhead experience while still allowing you to host a group of people,” Epp says.

He recalls how two years ago the president of Nike North America wanted to watch a game in private while also getting the full Arrowhead experience.

“It was four degrees and he roughed it out in here the entire game,” Epp said.

Rent a field-level suite, which accommodates 18-20 people, and you’ll also get two passes to the new LockerRoom Club, which can be shared among guests. The club offers unlimited food and beverages, and the chance to stand about 10 feet away from the players as they exit the field after warm-ups and during halftime.

You can also gawk at sports reporters grilling Andy Reid after the game. But it’s one-way glass, so smashing your nose against it for comedic effect will be pointless.

Among the other perks that come with all the suites: free parking, visits by former players and cheerleaders on game day and access to VIP tents at events around Kansas City like the Big 12 tournament and American Royal.

You also get first dibs on the suite during concerts — for an additional charge — and you can access your suite 365 days a year.

Renting a field-level suite will cost you between $150,000 and $200,000 per season, again depending on how many seasons you sign on for.

If you’re looking for something a little more exclusive, the Club Red and Club Gold suites might be more your thing. They’ll cost you between $300,000 and $400,000.

And while you won’t get passes to the LockerRoom Club, you will get all the other perks that go with the less expensive suites, plus access to the elegant and exclusive bar known as the Scout Investments Club, and things like invitations to fly with the players, like McAnulty did.

Club Gold suites accommodate 21 to 27 people, and Club Red suites accommodate between 11 and 19 people. Both offer outdoor seating and a glassed-in, climate-controlled area.

They also offer a food and beverage service area with stainless steel and granite counter tops; several television sets; living room style furniture and high-top tables with bar stools.

For an up charge, you can get a catered buffet of gourmet bar food by the award-winning Levy Food Services, which you’ll probably want to do since you can’t bring your own provisions in.

You get your own bathroom with a Gold suite, but you will have to share if you rent a Red suite. The Red suites are booked up for the 2017 season, but some Club Gold suites are still available.

McAnulty is stoked for this season, particularly after the Chiefs win over the Patriots. He’s already thinking about how he wants to use Charlie Hustle’s suite.

“We’ll pick games that are fun for family and friends, and it’s a nice perk for our employees and their families,” he says. “Outside of that, it’s nice to have hospitality for our business relationships and clients.”

Some of those in-suite, game day “business meetings” involve persuading Kansas City celebrities to wear and promote Charlie Hustle’s clothing.

“We’ve had Danny Duffy and Matt Besler in our suite,” he says. “It provides a level of privacy for those guys.”