A perfumed Salvador Perez makes good scents for Royals

By RONALD BLUM, AP Sports Writer

SAN FRANCISCO – Salvador Perez is a player who doesn’t want to make a stink.

The upbeat All-Star catcher for the Kansas City Royals wore Victoria’s Secret perfume late in the 2013 season – teammate Alcides Escobar sprayed some on him, and Perez had a four-hit game.

“We won. We celebrated. I asked him, where did you buy that?” Perez recalled this week at the World Series. “I need to buy some, maybe to wear for the rest of my life.”

He stuck with the smell of success and switched this year to 212 Men by Carolina Herrera cologne. Escobar buys it for him, and Perez has gone through three bottles.

“The weirder the team, the better the team, usually,” Royals outfielder Raul Ibanez said.

“We’ve got a lot of weird stuff that goes on in here.”

Perez said San Francisco’s Pablo Sandoval, Detroit’s Victor Martinez and Texas’ Prince Fielder are among the players who have remarked about his baseball bouquet. Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera asked where he could get some for himself.

Umpires also have taken notice.

“I think Jerry Meals told me: ‘Salvy, you smell good,’ ” Perez said. “We sweat. We’ve got the gear. We stink.”

And the strange scent of Perez and Escobar has become part of Kansas City’s identity.

“I know they’re sweet smelling on the bench, that’s for sure,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “That’s one of the more unusual ones. But it’s been effective, so it works for them.”

Still, not everyone has taken notice of the olfactory addition to the diamond.

“I don’t go around smelling catcher’s armpits,” Joe West, the major leagues’ senior umpire, said before breaking into laughter.