From the other side: The clock will strike midnight on the 'no-name' Royals

Victor Contreras, deputy sports editor at the Sacramento Bee, says the San Francisco Giants simply have too much World Series experience to lose to the ‘no-name’ Kansas City Royals.

Here’s his column today:

Is it possible the Giants have become so good in the past five years, reaching their third World Series, that they’ve become one of the despised teams among baseball fans?

Have the black-hat-wearing Giants joined the Yankees and Red Sox as teams considered in the Axis of Evil?

While the cynics already are predicting this year’s Fall Classic to be a record-breaking ratings bust, most of those around the country who do watch will be pulling for the no-name underdogs from Kansas City, Mo., to slay the wicked witch Wicked Witch of the West – unleash the flying monkeys!

And why not?

If not for their team reaching the championship round, most Giants fans probably would be cheering cheer for Kansas City, too.

The Royals haven’t won a World Series – or played in one – since 1985, when gas cost about $1.25 a gallon, “Back to the Future” was the year’s big movie, and the Kings were about to play their first NBA game in Sacramento.

And the 2014 Royals are much like the 2010 Giants, a team that beat all odds just by reaching the postseason, never mind winning the league pennant and taking an unexpected trip to the World Series.

But unlike the 2010 Cinderella Giants, the clock is about to strike midnight on the Royals.

The Giants simply have too much World Series experience on the field among position players – Pablo Sandoval, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Hunter Pence – and on the mound – Madison Bumgarner (2-0, 0.00 ERA), and Ryan Vogelsong (1-0, 0.00) for the Royals to match.