A Royal mystery: The curious case of the missing Salvy Splashes

The Royals’ victories have been Salvy Splashless so far this season.
The Royals’ victories have been Salvy Splashless so far this season.

Two days in Houston. Two Royals victories. No postgame Gatorade baths?

The Salvy Splash was curiously absent after the Royals defeated the Houston Astros on Friday and Saturday at Minute Maid Park, so this beat writer went in search of an answer. What is journalism if not for super important investigations into stories that affect this community?

Well, actually, I just asked around a little bit. Catcher Salvador Perez wasn’t available before the series finale on Sunday morning. But a few clubhouse sources indicated that the Splash might not be dead — though perhaps scaled back a little in 2017.

Big moments? Walk-off victories? Perhaps. There doesn’t appear to be any set plan. Royals manager Ned Yost famously likes to go “day to day” with things — and that’s with important stuff like lineups and bullpen roles. This is just some grown men dumping water or Gatorade on one another after baseball victories.

On Saturday night, the Royals continued their tradition of celebrating a victory with a 1970s-style disco light show in the clubhouse. So they are not removing all the fun. But it appears the Salvy Splash may be retired from an every-game tradition — for now.

If it’s being relegated to important victories, hey, it had a good run. There was a World Series championship. A shout-out from a White House press secretary. A cool billboard.

Of course, this is also baseball, so they can always change their minds tomorrow.