Area golf results for June 26

Area golf


At Stone Canyon Golf Course, par 71

Low gross: Bill Bleish, 78. Low net: A flight: 1. Chris Robinson, 72; 2. Dennis McWilliams, 72; 3. Bill Bleish, 72. B flight: 1. Ray Downing, 71; 2. Jack Strange, 74; 3. Les Damlo, 74. C flight: 1. Bob Ulmer, 69; 2. Don Fisher, 70; 3. Scott Murphy, 72. D flight: 1. Jerry Bohnart, 63; 2. Bill Eckinger, 68; 3. Steve Hill, 73.


At Falcon Ridge Golf Course

Texas two-ball: Flight A: Rick Hayslett, John Schroeder, Jim Lylte, Rob Barnes, 119. Flight B: Sam Chaplick, David White, Andy Miller, Burt Brown, 116.5. Flight C: Rodger Rudkin, Dennis Finucane, Maurice Ayers, Darrell Steiner, 108. Flight D: Tom Phillips, Fred Bybee, Richard Palmer, Pete Story, 111.5.

Holes in one

Note: The Star will publish results of Kansas City-area golfers who shoot a hole in one or double eagle at any course, in Kansas or Missouri, provided someone from the course calls 816-234-4355 and we are able to confirm the residence of the golfer.

AT ADAMS POINTE GOLF CLUB: Norman Arnold, No. 8, 145 yards, 5-iron.

AT FALCON RIDGE GOLF CLUB: Rich Biebel, No. 7, 133 yards, 9-iron.

AT FIREKEEPER GOLF COURSE: Robert Galicia, No. 5, 110 yards, pitching wedge.

AT GRAND SUMMIT GOLF & COUNRTY CLUB: Tony Yi, No. 2, 123 yards, sand wedge.

AT NATIONAL GOLF CLUB OF KANSAS CITY: Kevin Prenger, No. 14, 111 yards, 9-iron.

AT SHADOW GLEN GOLF CLUB: David Black, No. 4, 132 yards, 8-iron.

AT SHADOW GLEN GOLF CLUB: Tracy Peterson, No. 12, 146 yards, 6-iron.

AT SHAMROCK HILLS GOLF CLUB: George Howell, No. 11, 163 yards, 5-wood.

Double eagle

AT HERITAGE PARK GOLF COURSE: Ian Kearns, No. 18, 511 yards, driver and 3-wood.