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Amended lawsuit claims KU policy requires rowers to attend football games, parties

Daisy Tackett
Daisy Tackett Submitted photo

An amended lawsuit filed by the attorney of former Kansas rower Daisy Tackett claims that KU Athletics has policies in place that requires attendance by rowers at KU football games and encourages them to attend parties with football recruits.

Dan Curry, Tackett’s attorney, filed the amended petition Tuesday in U.S. District Court. New allegations include:

▪ “KU has an official policy that requires female rowers to attend KU football games, and to cheer and encourage the football players as they enter the field.”

▪ “Even two rowers like Plaintiff and Sarah McClure, who had been sexually assaulted by a KU football player, were encouraged and expected to attend and root on the KU football players under KU’s policy.”

▪ “KU has an official policy and practice of entertaining football recruits in hotels just off campus and encouraging female KU athletes to attend parties with the recruits.”

Tackett originally filed her suit against KU in March, claiming violations of Title IX, a federal law that protects against gender discrimination.

Former KU rower Daisy Tackett filed a lawsuit on March 21, 2016 against the University of Kansas alleging she was sexually assaulted in a dormitory by a KU football player. Tackett filed the suit in Douglas County for alleged violations of Title I

She also is part of a class-action lawsuit with rower Sarah McClure and their parents against KU which states the university violated the state’s consumer law by not being truthful about dormitory safety during the women’s recruitment. KU made a motion to dismiss that lawsuit, and oral arguments took place Monday in Douglas County District Court. A judge’s decision on KU’s motion is expected in the coming months.

Tackett and McClure also say they were each sexually assaulted by the same former KU football player. That player, who was not named in any lawsuit and never charged with a crime, agreed in March to be expelled from the school following a university investigation.

KU Athletics has previously declined comment citing the pending litigation.

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