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Bill Self says KU preparing to present more information to NCAA in Cheick Diallo case

KU freshman Cheick Diallo
KU freshman Cheick Diallo RSUGG@KCSTAR.COM

As Kansas freshman Cheick Diallo awaits word on whether he can play this season, KU is preparing to present new information on his behalf to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

KU men’s basketball coach Bill Self said Tuesday that school officials likely will present to the NCAA in the “next couple weeks” the latest maneuver in an eligibility case that could have massive ramifications for the Jayhawks. Diallo, a 6-foot-9 power forward, is a consensus top-five recruit and the crown jewel of Kansas’ 2015 recruiting class. But his freshman season continues to hang in the balance as the NCAA inspects Diallo’s three academic years at Our Savior New American, a private school in Centereach, N.Y., that has been subject to NCAA review.

Self said the upcoming presentation should not be considered part of any appeals process — there has been no ruling as of yet — but it appears that the final decision could come down to information exchanged this month.

“I don’t know all the ways the legislation runs, but this is one in which, based on the information that (the NCAA) had, it probably wouldn’t be a good outcome for us,” Self said. “And it’s our job to pull together more (information). They’ve requested more things, and we’re working on that.”

Self added: “But by no means has there been an answer one way or another. It’s basically: ‘This wouldn’t be a good presentation yet, because we still need to see A, B an C or X, Y and Z.’ It’s our job to get that stuff together, which we will. It just takes a little bit of time.”

Self’s latest clarification on Diallo’s case came as he stopped in downtown Kansas City to attend the annual Coaches vs. Cancer season tipoff at the Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland.

“We’re still hopeful,” Self said. “But they’ve requested or want to receive information that it takes a little bit of time to gather.”

When asked about the possibility of appeals in the case, Self said he believed KU could should it receive a negative ruling in the coming weeks.

“To say where it is in the legislative process, I think it’s still in its infant stages,” Self said. “If something were to happen, and we not to get a good outcome, I think we have every right to appeal that. But I think they’re giving us the opportunity to present before they give an outcome.”

Diallo, meanwhile, continues to practice after receiving permission to do so last week.

“He’s doing fine,” Self said. “He’s behind. It’s Chinese to some freshmen right now, and he and Lagerald (Vick) are probably a little bit further behind than Carlton (Bragg) at this stage. But that will all change in a week. He just needs a few reps out there. Everything is so new to him right now, he has no clue on what he’s doing. But we’ve only been practicing four days.”