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Billy Preston car accident only involved tires, KU Athletics says

Kansas coach Bill Self (left) and freshman Billy Preston
Kansas coach Bill Self (left) and freshman Billy Preston

The Kansas athletic department released further details Wednesday about a car accident over the weekend that led to freshman Billy Preston sitting out Tuesday’s game.

Just before KU’s 65-61 victory over Kentucky, coach Bill Self announced Preston had been involved in a single-car accident and he was being held out by KU’s administration until the compliance department could get a “clearer financial picture” regarding Preston’s vehicle.

A release from KU Athletics on Wednesday said that Preston “hit a curb Saturday midday on 19th Street on campus, resulting in minor damage to his tires. Other than his tires, there was no property damage, and there were no injuries or other individuals involved.” The release also said that “police were not involved, and a police report would not be filed in a situation like this.”

No accident reports were filed Saturday with the KU Public Safety office.

Self said Tuesday night that he didn’t know how long Preston would be held out.

“I am confident it will get cleared up. I don’t know the time frame and they (KU compliance officers) haven’t clued me in exactly,” Self said. “One thing about it … when that’s turned over (to compliance), coaches are totally eliminated from that situation. So they won’t tell me exactly what’s going on.”

Self later explained the circumstances further.

“Our administration and our compliance people … they’ve got to get some information. We were hoping we could get it today,” Self said Tuesday. “Obviously that didn’t happen.

“When a kid goes to school at your school you register your car, if he (the athlete) has a car, through the compliance office. He had a minor, no-injury, one-car accident on Saturday that’s reported to the compliance office. They started doing the checking on the car. They wanted to get a clearer picture of how some things were done. We couldn’t get it cleared up (Tuesday). That’s basically all there is to it.”

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