La dolce vita: Modigliani brings handmade Italian ceramics to Kansas City [sponsored]

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of living the Italian lifestyle — connecting with family and friends over simple but delicious food under the Tuscan sun?

Maybe you’ve experienced la dolce vita firsthand on visits to Italy and want to recreate the memories here at home. No matter what about la grande vita captures you, you can embrace it with the functional Italian art that is Modigliani.

Although the family-owned ceramics company is firmly rooted in Italy, Julie Jurden brings them home to Kansas City. Jurden visits Italy twice a year to collaborate with Modigliani artisans on their seasonal designs, available exclusively through

With this online portal to Modigliani’s impressively large collection of ceramics, flatware, glassware and more, you can infuse your home with the style and substance of Italy. For more than 150 years, the artisans of Modigliani have focused on creating art for the everyday.

Stefano Nacamulli, the lead creator for Modigliani, still works with his parents, exchanging ideas and creating striking pieces inspired by the land and created by hand. Each piece is unique and tells the story of the Amalfi coast, Tuscany, Rome and the myriad other romantic areas of Italy with images of fruits, vegetables, olives, and old world embellishments.

While Nacamulli’s first love is ceramics, the family also works with glass artisans, olive wood carvers, and weavers to create a complete spectrum of products to grace any home or table. Beyond serving pieces, they also create home decor with larger ceramic pieces that could be the focal point of any room.

For those that want an even more personalized experience, Jurden and her team can work with clients to produce custom pieces as well. For brides, a registry featuring Modigliani flatware and serveware could mean customizing designs and colors. With a minimum order, the artists can create anything that you can dream up.

There are hundreds of beautiful designs available at, along with inspirations for how to use these pieces. Grab a recipe for a summer popsicle from the blog and enjoy it in one of their hand-blown tumblers or find design inspiration on Instagram (@mymodigliani).

Jurden is inspired by all the things that the Italian lifestyle represents — traveling, sharing good food and wine, and spending time with family. Modigliani’s dinnerware and serveware evokes those same things by creating opportunities to gather and enjoy life. And as Nacamulli says, “I think that people should have as much fun using our products as we have producing and designing them.”

With such a wide variety of pieces, from earrings to home decor to flatware, there is something for everyone that loves Italy in the Modigliani collection. And all are tied together by one thing — their infusion of art in the everyday. With each brushstroke or impression of fingers into clay, a bowl becomes more than simply a vessel. It becomes a method for transporting you back to Italy.

“The hand of a man can really change the earth into art,” Nacamulli says.

“This is art.”

Visit to explore all of their products or get inspired with their blog.