Weston’s Missouri Bluffs Boutique offers eclectic clothes for modern women [sponsored]

Fashion can be found everywhere. True style, however, is an expression of the individual.

For today’s woman, navigating the fashion waters to cultivate your own personal style can be a challenge. There are many cookie cutter options available. However, if you choose to forge your own path, there’s a not-so-hidden gem just 30 minutes north of downtown.

Missouri Bluffs Boutique is located in the charming, historic town of Weston, Missouri and has been providing thoughtfully curated clothing, accessories, footwear, and jewelry options for women since 1984.

The boutique began its journey with Anne Bollin as an art gallery. Her artistic eye eventually led her down the boutique path of “wearable art.” Daughter Cathi O’Malley worked closely with her mom for many years before taking over the store in 2012. Now, Cathi steers the ship and she takes pleasure in finding pieces that fit and flatter the complete spectrum of Kansas City women.

Rather than focusing on sample sizes, Missouri Bluffs offers creative fashion for all sizes at a variety of price points.

“We are very eclectic,” Cathi says. “We focus on women of all sizes and shapes, including the average size woman, which is a size 12/14. We go all the way up to 1 or 2X in some lines. And we do offer the 2s and 4s as well. We just try to have something for everyone.”

She also tries to find designers that are offering something different. Limited production lines like Magnolia Pearl or Alembika offer well-made and thoughtfully designed pieces that you won’t find at department stores. Cathi looks for pieces that appeal to the woman who wishes to create a style that is truly unique.

One of the aesthetics in which Missouri Bluff Boutique particularly excels is the Lagenlook, which means “layered look” in German. This European style allows women to layer pieces to create a look that is unique to them, using tunics, skirts or dresses over pants, and lots of color and pattern. Scarves and other accessories complete the look. Lagenlook is a great way to make your wardrobe a palette of your own design.

The pieces that Cathi and her staff find and the artisan lines she carries reflect a quality that never goes out of style. While some statement pieces can be a significant investment, you can expect the craftsmanship of the item to last. O’Malley finds American-made pieces whenever she can. Combined with more affordable pieces, which are also available at Missouri Bluffs, it’s easy to build a wardrobe that works for any occasion.

When it comes to accessories, the jewelry lines that Missouri Bluffs Boutique carries are just as eclectic. Cathi particularly loves faith-based jewelry, which is very on trend right now. Find the perfect cross or Sacred Heart to complete an outfit. Missouri Bluffs Boutique also carries a full range of other jewelry styles. You will find vintage and handmade jewelry as well as Native American turquoise pieces.

Missouri Bluffs Boutique is open seven days a week. Cathi and her staff love the opportunity to assist customers during the week, which can often provide a more personalized shopping experience. The staff at the boutique ensures you feel beautiful every time you come in whether you make a purchase or not. Building a look with the help of Cathi and her staff is a luxury all of its own.

If you’re looking for something off the rack but out of the box, then Missouri Bluff Boutique is exactly what you’re looking for. Find them at 512 Main Street in Weston seven days a week or visit them online at