How to wear neon: KC style influencer Ashley White shows off summer’s brightest colors

Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge is a fan of summer’s hottest 1990s-inspired color trend, neon.
Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge is a fan of summer’s hottest 1990s-inspired color trend, neon.

What goes around, comes around. And just like so many ’90s fashion trends — chokers, Calvin Klein everything, biker shorts — neon is back with a vengeance just in time for sunny days and soaring temps.

How does neon translate today? The good news: anything goes. You can wear neon any way you’d like and it works — which makes this trend really customizable to your personal style.

Full-blown neon outfit of the day? You got it. A few bright accessories here and there? Great choice. A neon swimsuit at the pool? Right on. One neon piece and neutral everything else? Chic and cool.

The latter was my strategy when I paired a cropped denim jacket in highlighter yellow definitely checks the neon box. I kept the rest of the look neutral but also on trend with a pair of straight-leg Levi’s, classic white sneakers and a white bodysuit. (Psst: this bodysuit is really a swimsuit. Those one-pieces sitting in your drawer right now pull double-duty as bodysuits!)

The bones of this look are easily achievable. Who doesn’t have a great pair of jeans and a white base layer in their closet? The neon here is the punch: a loud exclamation point taking the look to the next level. The outfit is on the casual side, but you could dress it up by swapping out the sneaker for a white pump or summer sandal. Trade these ’90s-esque jeans for something skinny with a dark wash, and now you’ve got the makings of a sassy date night outfit. Remixing is the name of the game.

I even worked neon into a black-tie outfit — if that’s not a trend with legs, I don’t know what is. Also consider coupling neon with a printed suit if you’re feeling like taking a walk on the bold side. It’s a killer way to make a statement.

Some of my favorite items to snag in the neon trend:

Shoes: Be it pumps, flat summer sandals, or sneakers, they are one of the easiest ways to test-drive the neon craze.

A T-shirt: Pick your favorite style in a glow-in-the-dark hue and you’re set.

Jewelry and accessories: Grab a pair of neon studs or a neon crossbody bag. You’re now right in step with this trend while keeping things subtle.

It’s time to get bright, Kansas City. Bring on the neon!

Ashley White is one of Kansas City’s preeminent style influencers. You can see more of her style at and on Instagram @ashrockchalk.