Vivid reimagining: Interior designer gives an Overland Park spec home color and oomph

Noble Designs helped the owners of a former spec home in Overland Park add color and texture to every room, including the family office.
Noble Designs helped the owners of a former spec home in Overland Park add color and texture to every room, including the family office.

It’s always exciting for a designer to get a client who isn’t afraid to play and a house that is already good but needs extra oomph to make it fabulous. Jessica Gordon of Noble Designs got that opportunity with a couple who bought a spec home in Overland Park’s Mills Farm community.

The house was brand new, well built and neutral — made to suit anyone and everyone. But the couple who bought it were not passive wallflowers. Jessica caught that drift after their first meeting.

“They loved the floor plan and what was there, but what was missing was their personality,” Jessica says. “That’s what we added with a mix of color, pattern and texture.”

The team’s phrase became to “Molly-fy” it, after one of the homeowner’s first name, meaning to give it an eclectic, bohemian edge.

Jessica describes Molly as joyful and charismatic, so she immediately saw happy, saturated colors in her future. The palette included a feminine hot pink, even though Molly is outnumbered by her husband and two boys.

The family had moved from a more modern home and wanted something a bit softer.

“I want people to feel like they can come in and relax, not be afraid to take their shoes off,” Molly says.

It became a perfectly suited partnership with Noble Designs, which specializes in traditional with a twist.

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Jessica Gordon (left) and Sara Noble of Noble Designs. Judy Revenaugh

The couple brought a number of beloved pieces of furniture and fabulous art with them to work into the new design.

“They had great pieces that we were able to incorporate,” Jessica notes. “I could see off the bat she had great taste and appreciation for attention to detail.”

Jessica prepared six design boards to show Molly and her husband, who were blown away by the plan’s cohesiveness and insight into their lifestyle.

They had been nervous about working with a designer after a bad experience on a custom build job, but they needn’t have worried.

“After one walkthrough and me telling her what I wanted, she came back with these boards, and, literally, that’s what we ended up doing,” Molly says. “She got me. She nailed it in one round and made the rest so easy.”

Jessica did the research and shopping, presenting only the best options and in a range of prices so the homeowners could choose. Molly appreciated Jessica’s attentiveness to her family’s lifestyle, with two tween sons and dogs, and thought maybe an $8,000 rug wasn’t going to be a good investment.

“She looked at our level of living and made it work,” Molly says.

Blending new and old, high and low, Jessica created layers and a look that is collected.

“The goal was to make it not just look like they had moved in and bought everything brand new,” she says.

The new furniture was to be fairly neutral in color, but definitely not devoid of detail. Fun fabrics, piping and trim add character.

Using a handful of bold fabrics in orange, pink and yellow, Jessica created interest through custom drapes and pillows in every space. She also changed out the hardscapes, too, upgrading the kitchen backsplash, countertops, cabinetry hardware, every door hinge and knob, and almost every light fixture.

“This home is about the details: It’s the door knobs, the trim on the drapes,” Jessica says. “We love that they let us push the envelope. Our creative brains get excited when our clients get as excited as us about trim tassel.”

The couple didn’t balk at Jessica’s recommendation for plumbing and lighting fixtures in brass, which is having a huge resurgence.

“Everything is on a pendulum, and this time it’s not the same; brass today has a warmth to it that balances the coldness of the grays that are now popularized,” Jessica explains, adding, “I still have to talk some people into brass, but Molly trusted the process.”

Starting the process as near strangers, Molly was indeed grateful to hand the project to Jessica without fear of a bad repeat experience.

“I truly felt she was always doing it with me and was my partner versus I’m just her client,” Molly says. “It wasn’t just a job for her, she was invested and willing to go above and beyond.”



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