My list: Film critic Shawn Edwards shares his top movies, accessories and KC hangouts

Shawn Edwards’ life revolves around movies.

The Fox 4 film critic splits his time between Kansas City and Los Angeles, where he works for Hidden Empire Film Group. He also travels the world visiting iconic movie locations with his girlfriend, Theresa O’Leary. He hopes their project, called Movie Trip, will evolve into a TV show.

Edwards has always loved films — his all-time favorite is the 2002 Spike Lee drama “25th Hour.”

“I love the way that it’s shot, the way the characters come to life,” he says, “and Ed Norton is one of my favorite actors.”

Edwards is also a fan of character actors Willem Dafoe and Tilda Swinton, and director Jordan Peele, the visionary behind “Get Out” and “Us.”

“I like what Jordan Peele is doing with the horror space,” Edwards says, “and I love movies that make you think.”

The film critic recently stepped behind the camera to associate produce a psychological thriller called “The Intruder.” The movie, out this month, stars Meagan Good, Michael Ealy and Dennis Quaid. Edwards considers director Deon Taylor his mentor.

“He turns scripts into magic,” Edwards says. “Watching him on set has been the best film school.”

Here are 10 of Edwards’ favorite things.

1. Screenland Armour. I love the vibe. The staff is dope — not only do they provide phenomenal service but they are super knowledgeable about film. It’s fun having a great cinematic conversation before watching something.

2. London is like my third home. I’ve been so many times and still find exciting stuff to explore with each visit. The food scene is massively underrated and the underground music scene is sick.

3. Red Vines. I’m addicted to Red Vines. Twizzlers are too sweet and don’t taste as good with tequila on ice.

4. Netflix’s “Turn Up Charlie” starring Idris Elba is the true definition of dope.

5. Nikia Phoenix at @NikiaPhoenix on Instagram is such a spiritual guru. I also love her entrepreneurial hustle.

6. Allbirds shoes. Whoever designed those must be a traveler. They’re durable, they’re comfortable and they wash well. I swear by them.

7. Port Fonda. The cuisine is dumb-good and the variations of margaritas are beyond exceptional.

8. P.S. Speakeasy at Hotel Phillips is much more than a bar — it’s a cultural hub. DJs spin vinyl, jazz bands seduce you, and you just might catch a speakers sharing secrets of their success.

9. Hats really help you stand out, especially when traveling. My man at The Missing Piece in Crown Center always has me looking right.

10. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is the coolest place in Kansas City. I randomly visit just to remind myself what my ancestors went through to pave the way for me and my success. I’m a huge sports fan and history buff so it’s my personal sanctuary.