Cheers to West Bottoms Whiskeys, a new distillery and tasting room coming soon to KC

Attention, cocktail connoisseurs: There’s a new distillery coming to the historic West Bottoms.

West Bottoms Whiskeys is slated to open later this spring at 1321 W. 13th St. The pint-size distillery will feature a tasting room for drinks made with blended whiskeys that contain less than 2.5 percent fortified wine, such as sherry or port.

The business is the brainchild of Alex Lindsey, a homebrewer with a day job in business software consulting. For Lindsey, whiskey is a fun side hustle — but he hopes to make it his full-time job.

Lindsey says West Bottoms Whiskeys will offer seasonal blends such as wheat whiskey, rye whiskey and smoked whiskey. Each bottle is adorned with a sketch of Murdock, a mustachioed gentleman with a monocle, mechanical jaw and KC tophat.

“He’s our mascot, the face of the distillery,” Lindsey says. “He draws on the history of the industrial revolution, when there was a ton of innovation, and things were exciting.”

“We’d like to capture that,” he says, “and get people excited about whiskey again.”