Valentine’s Day style: These six pieces from KC boutiques are perfect for date night

According to Merriam-Webster, “raiment” is a fancy old word to describe the clothes on your back. Commonly used during the Middle Ages, it specifically refers to a spiffier-than-usual outfit, which sounds perfect for St. Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t you say?

Whether you’re aiming for a flirty look for a date, or something neutral to wear out with friends, here are options for your Valentine’s Day raiment.

1. Little red dress: Forget the perfect little black dress. Valentine’s Day calls for something fiercer. This dress provides the punch of red you need, while still being warm and comfortable. Alysa Rene Boutique, $90

2. Fun faux fur: The good news about Valentine’s Day is it offers offers a chance to pull out your fun, but little-worn, clothes. The bad news? It’s still freezing on the way to your dinner date. This faux fur coat is a mix of holiday flair and seasonal function. Alysa Rene Boutique, $140

3. Pink luxury: What other day but Valentine’s Day to pull out a fuzzy pink mini-cape? Halls Kansas City, $225

4. The accessory: Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly the time to tote around your everyday, carry-all bag overflowing with leftover receipts and half-used lipsticks. Nor is it the day to bring a New Year’s Eve-style clutch. This crossbody bag by Hammitt Los Angeles is the perfect solution (and the splash of glitter adds sparkle to the occasion). Alysa Rene Boutique, $475

5. Retro bling: If you’re the type of person whose winter wardrobe is limited to chunky sweaters and black coats, this necklace can add color to even the most standard of outfits. EJ’s Boutique, $120

6. Statement piece: The Jayne coat by Julie Brown NYC is the kind of piece you could wear with all neutral colors, and still stand out from everyone else in the room. Halls Kansas City, $258