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Susan Wagle: This abortion ruling isn’t like Kansas anymore

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle blasts Democrats

The Wichita Republican joined with other GOP candidates for the Kansas Legislature to share a vision for the future of Kansas. (October 2016)
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The Wichita Republican joined with other GOP candidates for the Kansas Legislature to share a vision for the future of Kansas. (October 2016)

Late last month, the Kansas Supreme Court handed down a barbaric ruling that our state constitution protects the right to dismember a baby in the womb. At a time where technological advancements show us that a child in utero is a distinct human being from the moment of conception, this is clearly a heinous decision with deadly consequences.

I have always been proud to call Kansas home. A place where settlers were called “free-staters” since they opposed the expansion of slavery and a place that was known as a trailblazer for the women’s suffrage movement, there are so many reasons to be proud to live in the Sunflower State. But on April 26, Kansas took a major step backward, placing our abortion laws among some of the most radical in the country. The slaughtering of innocent lives that will happen because of the Supreme Court’s ruling is in no way representative of our Kansas values.

Science has allowed us to tear down the narrative that aborted babies are just fetuses unable to feel pain. As a mother, I know from feeling that first kick or first hiccup that a baby in the womb is a living, breathing, human being.

That is why this ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court is a violent, monstrous imposition of the radical abortion regime — a regime that wants people to remain ignorant to the fact that abortion stops the beating heart of a baby that can feel the excruciating pain of terminating a pregnancy. A regime that wants people to remain ignorant that dismemberment abortion requires the abortionist to grab a living baby by their foot or hand and tear them apart piece by piece as they remove the body parts from the mother until the baby’s heart finally stops beating.

But six members of our Supreme Court believe this torturous form of murdering an innocent life is acceptable. Six members of our state’s Supreme Court, whose names should forever be stained by this ruling, ignored the will of Kansans.

In recent months we’ve seen our country jump deeper into the culture of death with perverse abortion legislation coming out of states such as New York and Virginia. As grotesque as these laws are to the majority of Kansans, the reality is that it is a reflection on the true inhumanity of the radical abortion movement. I can vividly picture New York lawmakers cheering with delight at the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth, and I was heartbroken.

This shameless embrace of a culture of death was startling to most Americans, especially Kansans who have long fought for life. In my hometown of Wichita, the pro-life movement took off in 1991 during the “Summer of Mercy,” where pro-lifers from all over gathered to show our commitment to protecting life.

I have prided myself on fighting for the sanctity of life. From passing the first pro-life legislation in Kansas, the Women’s Right to Know Act, to just this year, sponsoring the first resolution in the country condemning New York’s late-term abortion law, I have been wholeheartedly committed to protecting the unborn.

That is why I never thought that we would be where we are today. I never thought in Kansas the right to murdering an innocent child would be enshrined as a fundamental right protected by our constitution. But that is where we stand today.

Though it is a dark time in Kansas, we must push forward. We must come together and fight for life because sadly, life is under attack. Our commitment to the inalienable right to life is needed now more than ever. Kansans are compassionate and caring people, and because of that I am so encouraged that we will be able to win in our fight to protect the most vulnerable among us: the unborn.

While the governor and six members of the state Supreme Court may believe that it is OK to reduce the most vulnerable amongst us to a blob of tissue, I do not. We must remind these radical pro-abortionists that we, the Legislature, are a co-equal branch of government, ready to stand for all Kansans — born and unborn. And as president of the Kansas Senate, it is my vow that they will hear from us soon.

Susan Wagle is Kansas Senate President.