Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on Rio Olympics, transgender concerns, air conditioning

Olympic cheers

I would like to thank Brazil for putting on the Olympic Games (8-22, A1, “Olympic spirit prevails”). You can throw rocks at the host nation and point out flaws, but let the first perfect person do that.

Any volunteers?

I got to watch only a few days of the Olympics, but what I saw was perfect.

I know there was a lot of speculation before the games, and I am waiting for the press to say, “Sorry about that.” But I guess that will come when hell freezes over.

There should be an apology and payment for the property that was torn up by our athletes, and discipline for the people responsible.

Peris Trow


Transgender issue

I don’t understand the transgender issue. If a male thinks he identifies as a female, does that mean he is automatically considered female? Is there a determination made by some legal authority. How does this work?

What if a high school or college coach has five guys who say they feel like females? We can’t discriminate. They should be able to participate on a sports team, and if they feel their gender is female then they should be able to play on the girls’ team.

This could have a major effect on women’s sports. Can you imagine having five Caitlyn Jenners on your high school girls’ track team?

There are obviously a lot of complicated issues associated with gender identity.

James Campbell

Kansas City

Air conditioning

If you are lucky, you live in an air-conditioned home and should be thankful for the ingenuity of 19th century physician and scientist John Gorrie of Apalachicola, Fla., where he struggled to cool his tropical-disease patients with ice imported from the Great Lakes.

To get around this inconvenience of long-distance importation of ice, he invented a machine that cooled water to ice by exposing the water to expanding compressed air. (Ah, thermodynamics at its best). Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner that we enjoy today, which cools and compresses a gas to a liquid and then allows the liquid to evaporate and expand back to a gas to produce a cooling effect. Thermodynamics again.

If you are comfortably cooled from the hot weather in the Kansas City area, lift a glass to John Corrie and Willis Carrier.

Fred White


High power bill

Who is protecting the interests of consumers in Missouri, especially with regard to the rates charged for electricity by Kansas City Power & Light Co.?

My bill for the last billing cycle was simply shocking. Yes, largely because of the recent heat wave, I used 23 percent more kilowatt hours of electricity in the cycle than I did in the same billing cycle last summer, but my electric bill was 36 percent higher.

I am not opposed to reasonable increases in rates over time, but this simply is not acceptable and not sustainable.

I strongly suggest that folks in Kansas reject a proposed merger of Kansas-based Westar Energy with KCP&L.

I also strongly encourage our governor and members of the state legislature to more closely examine the work of the Missouri Public Service Commission.

And, as for me personally, I’m going to seriously consider the possibility of going solar and getting off the KCP&L power grid for good.

Kyle Hern

Kansas City

Risk from firearms

Gun violence will stop only when thinking, caring people take the time to be heard.

When they will no longer tolerate a misinterpretation of the Second Amendment to put all of our children and all those we hold dear at mortal risk each and every day.

When the profits from human carnage will no longer fund an organization — the National Rifle Association — which, for the sake of more dollars, promotes an environment unique in the civilized world where “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Talk about sophistry. That has to take the cake.

The realistic way to stop the carnage is to take the guns away, at the very least those guns the purpose of which isn’t hunting or home protection but human carnage.

Please don’t hesitate any longer.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now and contact your elected representatives at all governmental levels and demand they put an end to the insanity perpetrated by the gun lobby on the innocents among us.

William Shapiro

Kansas City

Voting matters

I am a longtime Kansas Republican Party supporter. I know that the good old United States has a basic two party system: the Republicans and the Democrats; liberal and conservative.

The personal attacks based on some perceived slight or “what is this person thinking” has gone completely wacko.

Some are saying they will hold their noses and vote for one of the two major party candidates, forget the good of the country.

One candidate has a record covering more than 30 years of being a bit shady.

The other one needs to grow up and quit playing: “It’s my ball. I’ll play however I want to.”

I grew up in the late 1950s to early 1960s, and Congress could and would make compromises for the common good. Does anyone understand that Congress rarely actually passes a budget?

So there is no paper trail. They do the old vote for the continuation of current programs. A shame on us and a shame on them.

I am going to have a very hard time voting for any of the national candidates/races this year. Do some deep thinking and don’t worry about wasting your vote if you pass on supporting your party agenda.

Donald Darling Jr.

Kansas City, Kan.