Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on Rep. Sam Graves, Verrückt water slide, Chris Koster

Guns, Graves

In a letter to Congressman Sam Graves, I noted that I hoped he would vote for the “well being” of those of us in the 6th District.

The Second Amendment can be interpreted in many ways. I believe it was meant in a way of protecting the “well being” of American citizens against a foreign enemy and not to protect ownership of guns to settle domestic disputes or as a way of dealing with resolving disputes.

I used to work at Boys Town in Nebraska as a family teacher, and we taught conflict resolution skills. I do not remember ever arming these young men with holsters and six shooters to settle conflicts.

Nor did our forefathers envision guns that could take out a classroom of children, take out patrons at a movie theater or take out young folks seeking a social night out with friends. Nor did they envision guns that would penetrate bulletproof vests and kill professionals who protect us.

I wish I could count on Rep. Graves to stand up and say, “No more slaughtering of my fellow citizens.” But Graves’ lack of leadership is extremely troubling to me, as it is to many of us in the 6th District.

Edwin Casey

U.S. Navy veteran

Kansas City

Close Verrückt

I really do not want to read any more details or background on this so-called wild water slide. No one should go out for a day of enjoyment with four sons and come home with only three.

This death of a 10-year-old boy is horrific, and if all of us in Kansas and Missouri want to feel empowered, all we have to do is band together and no longer pay to ride on this superslide. Reasons do not matter.

Let the Verrückt water slide just become an unused monument to greed and stupidity.

Patricia Shamseldin


Koster’s TV ads

When I hear Chris Koster’s commercials and when I hear statements he has made such as how he feels about a certain subject, it makes me wonder whether he has gone back to his days of being a Republican.

One media story says he has broken ranks with the Democrats on bills such as the one that would allow concealed carry without training, which Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed.

Koster supports the bill.

Also, in one of his ads for governor, he states all the things he has done, one of which is filing suit with the federal government concerning President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency plan.

Koster is sounding more like a Republican than a Democrat.

To his credit, he does talk about all the good things he has done, and I have not heard one bad word about his opponent.

Terri Cox

Kansas City

Illegal immigration

I do not believe the people who support Donald Trump for president, or even Trump himself, have actually thought through the negative effect that preventing illegal immigrants from entering this country would have on our economy.

Face facts, those immigrants, because of their status, are the only people who can be so easily exploited when it comes to pay for picking the crops that Americans enjoy morning, noon and night.

If they were not here to be exploited with low wages and no benefits, then American citizens would have to do the job. None of them is going to work for so little per hour. This would result in most Americans not being able to afford the majority of the fruits and vegetables that we now so easily purchase and enjoy.

Then there is tobacco. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration would regulate workers in that field as well.

You think your pack of cigarettes is expensive now?

Wait until tobacco producers are forced to provide protective clothing, prevent heat exposure and pay $15 to $20 to have those poisonous plants picked. Nicotine poisoning is OK when only migrant workers under the age of 16 are the victims.

Steven Addison

Kansas City

Motor home critics

Some time back, a letter writer took issue with a couple in a motor home as living in excess.

I know a few such people. With one exception, they have worked hard and saved up looking toward their retirement goal. Their motor homes required many skilled and semi-skilled workers earning a decent wage, unlike resort and cruise line jobs.

Some sold their homes to travel as they wish. The trouble with these motor-home critics is they think they have all the answers. They don’t, not even close. And they call hard-working people haters and worse.

May God have mercy on them.

Wes Jones