Letters to the Editor

Readers express views on preschool, Donald Trump, Verrückt at Schlitterbahn

Preschool vote

My family’s devotion to lifelong learning has set the course for much of our involvement within the Kansas City community. We strongly believe in supporting early childhood educators, so that they may have a lasting effect on the children they teach.

Early childhood education is consistently toward the bottom of the Jefferson City priority list. Fortunately, a measure on the November ballot would right this wrong.

The Early Childhood Health and Education Amendment would ensure that funding for Missouri’s kids is a priority. By raising the Missouri cigarette tax (the lowest in the nation), the amendment would provide more than $300 million in dedicated funding for early childhood health and education.

The amendment collected more than 330,000 signatures. On Nov. 8, voters will have the chance to make a difference for Missouri’s children.

A yes vote on the Early Childhood Health and Education Amendment would provide new opportunities for kids in every community.

Passing this initiative would be a major win for our state’s kids. This amendment is the only plan for improving early childhood education in Missouri, and we owe it to our kids to vote yes.

Scott Francis

Kansas City

Humble Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump refuses to release his federal income tax return because he abhors bragging.

His unbelievable income is so monumental that it would dwarf all the other billionaires because of its magnitude.

The taxes he pays would amaze and astound everyone. Undoubtedly, the organizations that receive his contributions must have to sign non-disclosure agreements because Trump is exceedingly humble concerning all the money he has contributed.

Trump would absolutely release his federal income tax return if he were an egotistical blowhard. However, he’s not.

Therefore, that’s why he’s not releasing his federal income tax return. Trump is the epitome of an unpretentious, modest, unbelievable businessman who has survived four Chapter 11 bankruptcies and several thousand lawsuits.

In conclusion, Trump is a winner who hates losers.

Holly John Blythe


Dismantle Verrückt

The only honorable thing to do is to dismantle and destroy the Verrückt at Schlitterbahn (8-17, A1, “Experts question Verrückt raft setup”). The park’s owners should not make one more dime off this monstrous ride.

It caused injuries (straps coming off, boats going airborne), and now a child has been decapitated. Enough.

The owners should destroy the Verrückt out of respect for Caleb Schwab and his family. There is absolutely no need for a thrill experience of this level anywhere.

That it took a tragedy of this magnitude to point this out sickens me. The Verrückt should be gone for good.

People trusted their lives with this ride and were assured it had been thoroughly tested and was safe. The owners of the park are an abomination if they continue to use it after this horror.

Jan Graves

Kansas City

Tyranny, guns

In light of the attacks on law-enforcement officers last month, perhaps it’s time to re-examine the stance of some gun owners and the National Rifle Association concerning arming oneself against the threat of a tyrannical government.

There can be no doubt that the shooters viewed the authority of the government as tyrannical. Who then gets to decide when the government becomes tyrannical?

Larry Hitchcock

Westwood Hills

Clinton, Trump

Everything seems to be against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton becoming the next president. Her scandals for the past 30 years have finally had an effect on the people’s perception of her honesty.

Let’s see whether I can list them: Whitewater, White House travel office, Vince Foster’s suicide, Benghazi and the email scandal.

It doesn’t matter. Democrats will go to every extreme to win elections — voter fraud (think ACORN) and lawsuits. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump might win the election, but it will not be over until Clinton has exhausted all legal options to overturn the results.

That’s who the progressives are. If Trump wins, the Democrats will say he stole the election.

Steve Prosser

Overland Park