Letters to the Editor

Readers share thoughts on elections, KC stoplights, Donald Trump and taxes

Shoo-in candidate

I’m a shoo-in for the November presidential election. All I have to do is change my name to “None of the above” and get my new name on the ballot.

Joseph T. Purcell

Kansas City

Negative change

On July 28, Councilwoman Jolie Justus met with members of South Plaza’s board. She explained her comfort and acceptance of the developer’s $180,000 plan at 49th Street to go from four lanes of traffic to three, add angled parking and remove traffic signals that give disabled walkers visual and verbal safe-crossing information.

These signal lights are vital to disabled pedestrians. City standards say that Main Street does not meet the guidelines for angled parking and narrowing the street because it is a route for trucks, bus rapid transit and emergency vehicles. Yet a plan has gotten a permit and work has begun with no public hearing or consensus among neighborhood and other property owners.

The biggest concern is neighborhood safety because congested traffic at 48th to 49th and Main makes it difficult to impossible for fire and emergency vehicles to reach neighbors quickly and directly. Angled parking adds to the danger of being rear-ended by a car, bus or truck.

All of this is at an effective intersection that serves everyone with no speeding and few accidents.

Unless these signals are retained and the street returned to its former high level of function, we will support a complaint with the Department of Justice.

Keith Spare


South Plaza


Association Inc.

Kansas City

Trump, taxes

Since Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is changing the name of the estate tax to the “death tax,” should he also suggest changing income tax to “living tax” (8-9, A5, “Trump outlines economic plan”)? Oops, how silly of me to think consistency matters to him.

Jack Mayer


Citizen’s plea

Dear lawmakers, please invest in the United States.

Dear law enforcers, please protect the U.S.

Dear activists, please stand for the U.S.

Dear people, we are all the U.S.

So please take care of yourselves and each other.

Ryan Bowser

Kansas City

Rep. Yoder’s spin

I recently received U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder’s newsletter email. I got nearly to the end and I found this headline: “Obama administration hid details of multimillion-dollar cash payout to Iran from Congress.”

Then there is a clip from Fox News, telling me how terrible President Barack Obama is for withholding this vital information.

I am astounded that apparently Rep. Yoder of Kansas gets his facts from Fox News. It is well known that this was announced in January that this transaction was going to take place.

The money was for a weapons sale in 1979 that never took place and had been paid for. The courts decided that United States had to return the money. This is not and was not money for hostages even as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump contended initially.

How unfair, wrong, outrageous, disingenuous and cheap of Congressman Yoder to contend that this was as nefarious as Fox News wanted to make people believe. Rep. Yoder knows better, or he should have.

Does he even think of fact-checking before making such a false claim?

I am wondering whether he is running scared now that his primary opponent has been chosen (8-12, A8, “A slight opening (perhaps) seen for a Democrat in a Kansas race”). Surely we can do better than this and suggest giving Jay Sidie an opportunity to serve Kansans with more integrity.

Sue Thompson


Plaza’s character

It’s high time for City Hall to embrace the concept of good community planning and stop kowtowing to developers.

As explained in a commentary by Joan Adam, head of Historic Kansas City, in The Star on Aug. 8, (“Deviations to Plaza area plan frustrate involved residents”), the new Midtown-Plaza Plan is in danger of being shredded even before it reaches its first anniversary.

The plan is a good compromise worked out by many people to guide development around the Plaza.

But already two projects are proposed for an area just north of the Plaza that violate the plan.

The City Council could easily stop both.

I live near one of the projects, and I can attest to the problems we’re having and will have in our area.

Projects that are too big increase traffic on streets that were never designed for the traffic they have today.

The big developments being proposed tear at the very character of the Plaza area.

We should be nurturing this area and working to improve it as a place to visit and live.

We need to stop allowing developers to use the Plaza as a cash machine.

LeAnn Zimmerman

Kansas City