Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on Schlitterbahn coverage, HOA love, Donald Trump

Poor judgment

While reading your recent report regarding the tragic death of Caleb Schwab at the Schlitterbahn water park, I was appalled by the decision to give details presented by a witness, including blood on the slide (8-9, A1, “Questions still swirl in boy’s death”). What are you thinking?

I expected better. Please imagine the effect on the family, friends, classmates and any human being. Was that detail necessary to the story? I submit that it was included to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Bad form, Kansas City Star.

Pam Rohlfing


Love for HOAs

I am responding to The Star’s Aug. 7-8 series, “HOAs from hell,” about homes associations.

I own a property management company that specializes in community-association management in the Kansas City area. A key component for a successful homes association is a competent board of directors, often partnering with a qualified property management company.

Our experience is that the majority of board members are dedicated, caring volunteers, seeking to maintain and improve the communities they serve. It is often forgotten (or simply not considered) by those who have never served on a board that these volunteers are also homeowners whose decisions affect them, as well as the entire community.

Although volunteers are often difficult to find, some communities have an abundance of involved owners coming together to make a difference and make their communities coveted places to live.

One such place is in Shawnee. This 180-unit town home community has more than 50 volunteers serving on the board and more than 10 committees. In August, activities and meetings are being held at the clubhouse on 22 of 31 days. A waiting list of buyers exists to live in this much-desired community.

Chris A. Gripe


President Trump

The Kansas City Star and other national news media seem obsessed with giving out negatives on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

He won’t support some party hacks who are trying for re-election, and the news media think this is sacrilegious. Why?

If those same individuals, regardless of their party affiliation, are not doing their jobs and have differences with Trump on his agenda, then it would be duplicitous for him to endorse them without reservations.

The man is on a mission to change America, make it great again and get rid of the self-serving Washington, D.C., insiders concerned only with preserving their easy-living, gratuitous and taxing existence at the expense of the vast majority of average taxpaying citizens.

Why is that so difficult for the talking heads to understand and express? Instead, they center on subjects of race, sexual orientations, voting rights and political correctness, as well as who takes care of the poor and disenfranchised the most and other volatile subjects designed for volatile disagreement. Any federal officials worth their salt should have stopped the debt expansion, provided jobs for all, made health care and educational opportunities affordable, and provided a safe America. Trump is the only candidate with answers and the fortitude to make it happen.

Calvin Day

Kansas City

Kobach, Lincoln

Would Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach have the nation re-fight our Civil War? In 1860, all across the Deep South, citizen campaigners for Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln were attacked.

Our current secretary of state would go further. He conducted hearings to strike President Barack Obama’s name from the 2012 ballot in Kansas. Now, for the 2016 election, he tried to strip from voter rolls thousands of Kansans who registered at motor vehicle offices — all this in defiance of state court orders to allow them.

After the fractured election of 1860, states in the Deep South chose secession ... “and the war came,” to quote Lincoln. Mr. Kobach should re-read the rest of Lincoln’s astounding second inaugural address and another address while he’s at it, the Gettysburg Address: “... that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.”

Is the Kansas secretary of state devoted to that cause? Is he devoted to national unification today the way our 16th president was when he led us to reunification 150 years ago?

Scott Michie

Overland Park

Pick new team

There is one last thing I’d like to say about the Brownback administration before I stop beating a dead horse.

Let’s pretend that Gov. Sam Brownback is the coach of an elite pro football team with a great tradition of winning seasons and even a few championships. The coach is given the rare opportunity to select all of the players on the team, which he renames “The Brownbackers.”

Team Brownbackers flounders year after year. The concerned fans are getting the opportunity to vote on which players will remain on the team next season.

Coach Brownback, whose contract expires in two years, wants the fans to keep all the players he selected on the team despite their dismal record. Many fans are upset and would prefer we cleaned house.

In November, Kansas fans can vote against the Brownbackers team and start rebuilding.

Armand Way