Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Donald Trump, Eric Greitens, guns, HOAs

Trump, gun rights

Well, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made another off-the-cuff remark, and as usual, the liberal media, the Democrats, and even some Republicans are having a field day, twisting it into something other than what it actually was (8-10, A14, “Trump says gun-rights backers can stop Clinton”).

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton managed to completely avoid the actual substance of Trump’s remark — her restrictive stance on Second Amendment rights and her almost certain manipulation of our hard-earned Bill of Rights via Supreme Court justice appointment.

Losing our Second Amendment rights would only be the tip of the Clinton iceberg.

Lewis Case

Osawatomie, Kan.

Greitens, guns

We have enough people in Missouri with assault rifles (8-3, A1, “Eric Greitens takes GOP’s nomination”). Do we need one in the governor’s office? Is this how Greitens plans to clean up the corruption?

Ray Hellstrom

Kansas City

Trump’s investment

I predict that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will shortly start taking the donations that are coming in to him from the public. He won’t run TV ads. He will use the money to pay back personal loans he has made to his campaign.

Phil Langley


HOA exaggeration

The Star’s Aug. 7-8 series, “HOAs from Hell,” brought out a few selected instances of living in a managed community.

My fellow homes association managers and HOA boards would acknowledge that sometimes community rules conflict with individual owner’s desires.

But the Aug. 7 headline, “Homes associations torment residents they’re supposed to support,” seems exaggerated.

A recent Zogby International Survey confirms that most owners are pleased with their boards and management firms — only eight of every 100 residents are dissatisfied with their associations.

However, that percentage represents close to 5 million Americans, so there is always a need for improvement.

Upon assumption of management, we invariably find that owners’ most important concerns are lack of board transparency, poor board communication or responsiveness, enforcing community guidelines equally and diplomatically and insufficient funds to cover deferred maintenance.

To overcome these concerns, boards must present well-thought-out plans, hold regular board and town hall meetings, use websites and email blasts and conduct surveys when appropriate.

There is information online and a number of local professional management firms that would be pleased to offer advice.

Jerry J. Miller


GOP troubles

To all conservatives and members of the GOP, your days are numbered. Your party is dying.

Your twisted ideology is on life support. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, Christian about you.

What would Jesus think about your racism, your bigotry, your greed, your homophobia, your phony patriotism and your phony Christianity? The conservative movement is fortunately falling apart at the seams.

The GOP and its followers are slowly dying off, and for the sake of the nation, that’s a good thing.

Jim Burkhart

Kansas City

Chiefs, character

If Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt’s remarks were designed to assure the public that the team has “very high character all the way around” and that he genuinely cares about “how the organization represents itself in the community,” then he failed miserably (8-7, B4, “Chiefs chairman Hunt discusses decision to draft Hill, other topics”).

Mr. Hunt goes on to acknowledge that four recent draftees don’t even come close to those standards: academic cheating (KeiVarae Russell), drugs (Demarcus Robinson), misdemeanor petty larceny (Dadi Nicolas) and, of course, the most egregious of all, Tyreek Hill, who received a three-year suspended sentence for “domestic abuse by strangulation of his pregnant girlfriend,” a felony in Oklahoma.

Exactly what did Mr. Hunt mean when he said, “Domestic violence is a very serious issue, and it’s never OK”?

Apparently, it is OK if the abuser runs fast enough.

The Chiefs are bottom feeders unworthy of the community’s support.

Dean Hubbard

Kansas City

Failure repeated

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s newly released economic policies have an oh-so familiar ring (8-9, A5, “Trump outlines economic plan”).

Does anyone else see the parallels to Gov. Sam Brownback’s great Kansas experiment?

Instituting massive tax cuts, restructuring tax policy to benefit corporations and the upper 1 percent of the wealthiest Americans, giving tax breaks to those who least need them.

Have we learned nothing from the last six years?

Tax cuts don’t work. If you don’t believe it, just take a hard look at Kansas.

Learn from mistakes and economic hardship while there is still time.

Marie Lerner-Sexton