Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on the Catholic Church, President Obama and Bannister development

Catholic Church

As a latter-day Catholic who has had more experience with the church post Vatican II than with the Latin tradition, I find it a shame that we find ourselves in a position of emulating our political system by dividing ourselves into liberal and conservative to the point that the future of the church itself is in jeopardy.

It is inevitable that there will be differences of opinion in every organization.

However, to those who long for the old ways, I have to wonder, where does the old tradition of the infallibility of the pope stand in their agenda?

Whatever the answer, is it not true that the pope is still the head of the church and as any good father should expect a certain amount of respect and obedience?

If liberal is a dirty word, what are the descriptions of defiant and rigid and my way or the highway?

Grace Borgmeyer

Kansas City

Camera for Obama

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder seem to boldly state that no police officer can be trusted and must wear a body camera to protect the citizens.

Check the public-opinion confidence polls and possibly you will conclude that the citizens would be better served by mounting body cameras and microphones on President Obama and many officials in his administration and on politicians in general.

In fact, I propose adding a new word to the dictionary, “recolie,” as in “I do not recolie” when questioned by congressional committees or courts.

Marvin Kramer

Overland Park

Police shootings

To reply to the Jan. 15 letter writer who asked why there are no protests after the gun-store shooting Jan. 9, sir, the protesters have no problem with the gun owners defending themselves against criminals.

The protests are over people of color being treated unfairly and in a deadly manner in situations when it seems excessive force isn’t warranted.

Protesters of all races are upset about the treatment of people of color by the police. They are protesting that police are not being brought to trial to have cases adjudicated in the light of day, the same way the citizen is judged in a court of law.

The secret grand jury system doesn’t work in police shootings and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy with the police seeming infallible. If a police officer shot someone, the victim must’ve been a criminal.

There are police shootings daily that aren’t questioned. The protesters are arguing that all should be investigated in the open by an independent prosecutor so there is no feeling of something untoward being done by the state.

The people abhor crime whether committed by a citizen or the police.

Carl A. Strickland

Lee’s Summit

New Bannister mall

Cerner plans to install a massive headquarters and shopping mall at the Bannister complex in south Kansas City.

At this site many years ago, a large Bannister Mall shopping center existed, the greatest one in the area, with customers flocking in from all over.

What happened to it? Why did it disappear?

Ben Nicks


Obamacare thanks

A recent letter writer complained that his monthly health-insurance rate went up. Another writer complained that in Obamacare the healthy people are “paying for sick people.”

My individual insurance rates shot up three times over the decades. In two cases, insurance policy classes changed, leaving only those with high-cost pre-existing conditions.

I had to seek lower-priced insurance in which the companies could check that I had no such conditions. Age-rating would have raised my last policy before Obamacare to $1,600 per month.

Now I have a choice, even though I have pre-existing conditions.

Without Obamacare, I would have lost my insurance because I could not have afforded it, even though for decades I had been paying for others less fortunate. Now I have a choice, and so do those letter writers.

In my area, a person age 63 could choose a modest health-insurance policy in the marketplace for $438 a month. With a household income of $35,000, the subsidy would put the payment at $188 for this modest plan.

A Kaiser Family Foundation study shows that for the first time in decades many individual insurance policies have fallen in price.

Thank you, President Barack Obama.

Gordon Elliott

Overland Park

Brownback wreck

It’s reported that Gov. Sam Brownback claims not to have known about the $650 million (some say it could reach $1 billion) coming fiscal deficit until after the election.

He has a selective memory, he is lying or he is an incompetent administrator who does not have the skills or mindset to manage a state.

In an effort to right his wrongs, he appears to be bent on taking Kansas down the same disastrous path that put the state in the deep hole in which it finds itself — making political prisoners of state agencies, educators, students, children, the ill, poor and elderly by further slicing their already fragile budgets.

Here’s a recommendation from a charter member of Reagan’s Presidential Task Force.

There’s one way he can redeem himself — resign in disgrace. Or, Kansas voters could demand Brownback be recalled and replaced with a sensible, caring individual.

Frankly, I doubt one could be found among current Kansas Republican politicians. It would have to be a Democrat or an independent.

William R. Park Sr.


Keystone pipeline

When the party of which I am registered took control of Congress, I thought the main reason it gained control was because it had promised to reduce government spending.

Then, almost the first piece of business is to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. Why?

The railroads seem to be doing a good job. They are quickly replacing older, not quite as safe, cars and adding a huge inventory of newer stronger ones.

What has happened to the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I do think, however, that Congress will follow its long-standing practice of spending a lot and getting little.

On the other hand, perhaps I don’t fully appreciate that when and if the job is finished it would provide 50 new jobs.

And just think what a solid effect that will have on our national unemployment ratio.

Bill Betteridge


Officer Friendly gone

In a multicultural, private elementary school, my five children used to regularly talk about “Officer Friendly,” a policeman who routinely visited the kids.

He established a good rapport with the kids at an early, impressionable age.

The police became friends to help protect the kids and their neighborhoods as they grew older. The police were well-respected as their friends and protectors.

That kind of public relations is cost-effective and very meaningful.

Otto Rieke

Overland Park

Tribute to a friend

In times such as this, when everybody is expressing and giving accolades for the late Rev. Dr. Nelson “Fuzzy” Thompson, it’s very difficult for me to find words adequate enough to express my love, respect and admiration for someone who was a colleague, confidant, spiritual adviser and best friend for more than 50 years (1-18, C4, “Remembering a true leader”).

Fuzzy had a unique personality and an infectious smile, which was always camera-ready, captivating anybody who had an opportunity to meet, greet and/or interact with him regardless of the event or occasion.

The determination and fortitude of Fuzzy, who was dedicated and determined to ensure equal and civil rights for all mankind, made him tireless in this endeavor.

The impact that Fuzzy had on mobilizing the entire Kansas City community is a true testimony to being a child of God and a servant to his people.

Rest in peace, my brother.

The memories we had and shared are and were everlasting.

Alexander P. Ellison

Kansas City