Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, guns on campus


I found it humorous to read that NASCAR has come out in support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in his bid to occupy the White House.

I am eagerly awaiting which presidential candidate will be endorsed by the American Badminton Association and Professional Bowlers Association.

Dan Summers

Mission Hills

Woman’$ card

As a supporter of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, I would like to thank presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump for accusing Clinton of using the woman’s card (5-1, A13, “Clinton gears up to face Trump in fall”).

In response to Trump’s hateful comment, the Clinton campaign issued “The Official Hillary for America Woman Card” to anyone who donated to her campaign.

In just three days, the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign raised $2.4 million.

Thanks, Donald.

Jane Toliver


KC streetcars

I find it appropriate the new streetcars in downtown Kansas City start near Clown Center.

Mike Crawford

Kansas City

No guns on campus

The notion of guns on Kansas’ college campuses simply defies all logic. It is not conducive to a good environment for teaching and learning and will only demean the quality of education.

The students and instructors do not want this to take place. There is only one way to prevent this from going into effect in July 2017.

There is a big election coming up this fall. Voters must vet all the people running for the Kansas House and Senate and vote for those who will work to amend this bad law before it goes into effect.

People have the right to carry firearms, but campuses are not the places to do this.

People cannot teach and learn in an atmosphere of intimidation.

William Mace

Overland Park

EBT downtown

I can’t think of a better place to relocate our wonderful, one-of-a-kind dining experience, EBT, than back in downtown Kansas City. Maybe the restaurant could be in that lovely UMB lobby on Grand Boulevard.

Think about it.

If you’re going downtown to a show or performance, there really isn’t an equivalent for dinner, service, food or atmosphere. We just can’t let that place die because of a poor location out south.

Mary Pat Miller

Overland Park

Foolish KCI delay

Mayor Sly James is on the mark about this being a very good offer for the taxpayers (5-4, A1, “Mayor defers public vote on KCI”). What part of “free airport” do those few polled people not understand?

We would not be taxed for this, and my understanding is the airlines would not raise fares. While we take more time to think about it, will these airlines decide to build in another Midwestern city, leaving us to pay for our own upgrade?

Are we looking a gift horse in the mouth?

Who knows better than the airlines what works? They have worked with other major airports and have valuable input.

And, again, it would be free to the taxpayers of Kansas City.

With the airlines covering the building costs, our tax dollars can be used on other city projects. Sooner rather than later, Mayor. More people are behind you on this than you know.

If KCI expands, it could possibly became a hub again, bringing more jobs to our city.

Caleen Vogel

Former TWA


Kansas City

Battling hunger

In April, Missouri cut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to 26,000 people, making it harder for them to juggle the costs of housing, utilities and nutritional food.

I am outraged that we allow hunger and poverty to happen.

Besides our moral obligation to help one another, the benefits to our local economy (up to $9 created for every $5 of SNAP) along with the long-term savings in health-care costs should more than persuade us to stop cutting benefits.

The people who lost access to food on April 1 were able-bodied adults ages 18 to 49 with no children in the home.

During the recession, we decided it was OK for these particular poor people to eat.

Not now, though, because if you don’t have children you should not be allowed to eat. Never mind that these individuals still qualify, according to their income levels.

Members of Congress and presidential candidates in both parties have no business telling people how to live their lives in order to eat.

I call on lawmakers to stand up for poor people in our state: Expand SNAP benefits to able-bodied adults with no children.

Tadeo Melean

Kansas City