Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on NRA, KC Water Services, Kansas

Grim NRA tales

I am totally disgusted, and I hope many parents agree with me.

In 1812, the Brothers Grimm published “Grimms’ Fairy Tales.”

Since that time, parents have told these bedtime stories to their children all over the world. Some have been made into movies. Among them are “Snow White,” “Cinderella” and “Rumpelstiltskin.”

Now we see that the National Rifle Association has hired a conservative author, Amelia Hamilton, to give our beloved characters killing weapons. For instance, sweet, little Gretel kills a 10-point buck that was peacefully having a drink at a stream in the woods.

Of course, Red Riding Hood and Grandma also carry guns.

Besides being plagiarism, it is totally sickening to me that we teach our little ones how to kill.

Is it any wonder this country is losing all its morals?

Maria Baldwin

Kansas City

KC Water Services

In an era when so much is taken for granted, one thing Kansas City should never take for granted is life’s most precious resource: water.

Headlines tell us people in other parts of the country struggle with the availability or even the safety of drinking water. Thankfully, neither is a problem here.

Kansas City rises from the Missouri River, one of the most reliable sources of fresh water in the world. And since 1873, Kansas City Water Services has been dedicated to delivering to Kansas Citians the highest-quality and best-tasting tap water possible.

Drinking Water Week starts today, and this year’s theme is “Your Water — To Know It Is To Love It.” This week is an important time to remember the vital role water plays in our daily lives and in the quality of life we enjoy because of it.

On behalf of the more than 860 Kansas Citians who work at KC Water Services, we thank our customers for the opportunity to serve you. We invite you to celebrate, enjoy and love Kansas City’s nationally recognized tap water.

To learn more about water, please visit us at www.kcwaterservices.org and follow us on Twitter @KCMOwater.

Terry Leeds


KC Water Services

Kansas City

Kansas extremes

Topeka seems to be a haven for extremes. We have extremely bad streets despite a tax that was to be dedicated to fixing our roads.

We have the extreme Westboro Baptist Church, with congregation members who hate anyone who disagrees with their twisted vision of God.

Last but not least, we have Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his handpicked Legislature. These lawmakers rob from the sick and poor to further their trickle-down experiment.

Our Kansas government is an extreme failure.

Armand Way


Improving KCI?

After I moved to Kansas City in 1975, my job required frequent air travel (4-27, A1, “Airlines to KC: Single terminal is best”).

Visiting with other business travelers, I often heard, “I sure do like the Kansas City airport.” No one ever said he wished for a better gift shop, restaurant or bar.

I learned to like Kansas City International Airport, too, for the same reason.

It’s the only airport where we land right next to the ticket and waiting areas. We exit the plane, and it’s a short walk to baggage and out the door to transportation, all on the same level. No escalator, no tram, no long and confusing walks.

Please tell me we’re going to improve on this.

Bill Emerson

Kansas City

Guns, protection?

Conservative politicians constantly harp about the uselessness of gun-free zones and spew their desire to allow virtually anyone to carry a gun virtually anywhere — in churches, in schools, at grocery stores — you name it. Their premise is that guns are for protection against the bad guys.

When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere except in their workplace. Conservative politicians, why not allow guns in Congress, at your town halls, your places of business? You should all immediately demand the metal detectors come down at all buildings you serve in.

One might expect outrage from the gun lobby and conservatives over the Secret Service blocking guns at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, but don’t expect it. The convention is a place where politicians gather, so no way are they going to allow just anyone to carry a gun.

Our schools, our churches and our workplaces are where they want everyone packing heat — not at locations where they gather. One word comes to mind: gutless.

Scott Kesterson

Overland Park