Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week: Candidate Trump

Candidate Trump

It is a sad day when a vile, vindictive, vicious, vacuous and vulgar man such as Republican billionaire Donald Trump aspires to become our next president. Worse, he is being taken seriously.

He says whatever he wants with no filters, tact or diplomacy. He appeals to the baser instincts of the people whenever possible. When people are bombarded daily with insipid television programs that promote uncivil and profane people, is it any wonder they follow him like lambs?

We are being exposed to crude, obnoxious and unacceptable behavior. It is fast becoming the norm. The message boards online are filled with coarse and nasty comments. There are no intelligent exchanges of ideas or mutual respect anymore.

Underlying all of it is the fact that Americans are angry, especially those in the middle class who have watched their significance erode since 1980.

Trump is becoming the face of the average American. He always looks angry. He can’t conceal his misogynistic tendencies. He openly promotes and provokes violence. Trump is the epitome of an ugly American.

D. Jeanine Wilson, of Raymore, retired in 2010 from the Internal Revenue Service after 32 years of government service. She was born in Maine, grew up in the Ozarks and received her bachelor’s of science in education from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. She and her husband, Charles, have been married 40 years and are now professional wildlife photographers.

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