Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on Congress, TWA Museum, Gov. Brownback

Civility in Congress

Could our senators and representatives in Congress learn to work together if they were seated alphabetically instead of by parties? Could they learn to talk to each other?

Carol H. Graham


KC’s TWA museum

Kansas City was the headquarters of Trans World Airlines for more than 70 years and was one of the city’s largest employers. Many retired employees and their relatives still live here.

Many local folks and visitors are not aware that we have a beautiful TWA Museum at 10 Richards Road at the downtown airport. This building was constructed in 1931 and was the original headquarters for TWA.

The TWA Museum was expanded and remodeled and contains many artifacts and memorabilia. It is a nonprofit created by and staffed by all volunteers. Another airline museum is at the downtown airport, but it is not connected in any way.

The TWA Museum is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, offering guided tours and group tours by appointment. We encourage everyone to visit and enjoy this museum. You may also enjoy seeing the completely restored TWA “Wings of Pride” aircraft, which at one time was sponsored by local TWA employees and is now privately owned.

Larry Lillge

Volunteer tour guide

Kansas City

Brownback, faith

The governor of Kansas is very religious. He fights against abortion and gay marriage. He issues prayer proclamations and prays often and publicly.

He follows the Old Testament example of smiting his enemies, including public schools, the courts and wayward Republicans. He helps the poor by signing bills to shame them, so they will see the error of their ways and learn that they need to form families and get good jobs.

He associates with groups such as the Culture Shield Network and the Family Research Council that share his messianic vision for a religio-cultural-economic revival in Kansas. (Another Old Testament interpretation: If Kansas pleases God, he will send blessings and prosperity to Kansas. This is akin to the God-sends-hurricanes/floods/mass shootings-to-teach-America-a-lesson-about-abortion/gay marriage/prayer-in-schools idea.)

I don’t suppose such a strong-minded religious person would ever step down to become a humble servant of the people. Too bad because Jesus (and Pope Francis) could serve as excellent guides.

But they probably wouldn’t be comfortable with the strident social activism, trickle-down economics and dominion theology that reigns in Kansas. Sadly, they probably just aren’t religious enough for Kansas.

Lydia E. Barth


Presidential titles

If Democratic presidential front-runner and former first lady Hillary Clinton becomes our next president, will that make former President Bill Clinton our first laddie?

Carolyn Spohn


Rushed legislation

This business of passing legislation as rapidly as possible, without any in-depth discussion and without any attempt to fully inform the voters, has to stop. It is bad law, and it springs from bad motives.

Kathryn Moore

Manhattan, Kan.

Fight child abuse

The U.S. Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities has released a report showing the country lacks strategies to reduce child-abuse deaths. This report makes a very important point about our country needing a system that does not rely solely on state child-protective services agencies to keep children safe.

Other key systems in our communities are critical partners: the courts, law enforcement, child-advocacy centers, the medical community, child-treatment agencies and schools. Even neighbors who come into regular contact with young children and families are essential pieces to the prevention puzzle.

Recent local child abuse and child death cases on both sides of the state line in the Kansas City area are glaring examples of friends, families and neighbors who did not report suspected child abuse. One high-profile case of severe child abuse came to a conclusion in January, and little LP is alive today because someone anonymously reported suspected abuse.

The 2016 theme for Child Abuse Prevention Month in Kansas City is Protect Our Future — Prevent Child Abuse, so please pay attention to children in your world. They are our future and deserve our protection.

Debby Howland


KC Child Abuse

Roundtable Coalition

Jefferson City