Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on post offices, religion, Gov. Sam Brownback

Rural route pluses

I think it’s time to tell the other side of the story on the U.S. Postal Service. I live on a postal rural route and couldn’t receive better service.

My mail lady often gets out of her delivery vehicle to bring packages up to the door. She also drops off mail directly to elderly families.

I guess I’m just lucky to live in Clay County. We have so many good service people.

The mail is always on time. The Kansas Star is always delivered on time even during last winter’s snow storms, and the county road crews keep our street repaired and snow plowed quickly.

Lowell Davis

Excelsior Springs

Hands off religion

I believe in freedom of speech. However, to use cartoons to ridicule one’s religion should be off limits, just as yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater is (1-8, A1, “Outrage and resolve”).

It should be permissible to report on religion and differences between different factions and other studies but not to satirize a religion.

With regard to religion, everyone has the right to his opinion without ridicule. It is just common decency.

Richard Huff

Overland Park

Brownback saddle

I am so frustrated with the citizens of Kansas who blindly pulled the Republican lever in the last election and now are awakening to the pitiful situation we are facing. Didn’t they study the issues?

Didn’t they listen to the reports on how education is suffering? Didn’t they wonder how many teachers we lost compared with the “600” King Sam Brownback said he’d hired?

People would have had a chance to change things if they just hadn’t gone to the voting booth and pulled the same Republican lever they’ve always pulled.

What were they thinking? Or were they?

Now we are having to live with the dismal outlook. I, for one, am ashamed.

Don’t complain to me. I didn’t vote for Gov. Sam Brownback and the rest of the good old boys.

Diane Wolf

Overland Park

Public-relations fall

Seven of the 10 top states characterized as the poorest in America have schools that are members of the Southeasetern Conference.

My favorite type of sports viewing is collegiate athletics, especially football and basketball.

The SEC has tradition, pageantry, rabid fans and supersized stadiums as well as training facilities and housing for the participating athletes.

Yet the states these programs represent are constant inhabitants of lists of states having significant portions of their populations living at or below the poverty level.

To be fair, chronic poverty was a fact of life in these states before the SEC became the big deal it is today.

Being part of the SEC is a big upgrade for the University of Missouri. But the state being lumped in with the states on the list is a definite public-relations downer.

Paul Comerford

Blue Springs

Leadership needed

I was encouraged with the opening of the 114th Congress that we might see a change, especially in the Senate with Harry Reid losing his majority leadership position. But it’s not looking good, folks.

The Republicans, in the eyes of Mr. Reid, are still the bad guys. Reid, like many other congressional leaders, is an angry man.

There are many like him, but Sen. Harry Reid wears his anger on his sleeve.

Have you ever seen this man smile? Angry and unhappy people simply cannot lead. It’s not in their DNA.

And beyond Sen. Reid, we have a commander in chief who might veto any legislation that comes before him simply because it was not his idea.

We have two more years before we have a chance to make more changes.

My concern is this. Regardless of which party he or she comes from, will the next president be able to lead us back to what America once was, the greatest nation on this earth?

Or will our elected leaders continue to lead with threats and terrorist-type tactics to serve their own interests?

Larry Timberlake

Lee’s Summit

Mistakes in Kansas

Gov. Sam Clownback is premier ruler of Clownbackistan (previously known as Kansas). The sad part of this whole debacle is that the people who voted to re-elect the governor don’t and won’t see the problem.

They voted for him because they made it as far as the “R” after his name.

Plain and simple, these folks who vote a straight ticket in either party are the reason things are the way they are.

They vote for the party and not for the person. I firmly believe that a notorious person could get elected in some areas if he ran as a Republican (sorry Republicans).

This last election, one lady even said as much. She votes Republican, and that’s that.

Well, lady, you’re right. That’s that, and now we have the mess that was created by you and many others. I can only hope that one of these individuals’ precious programs is cut and they start to feel the pain, too.

Maybe then they’ll realize just how big a mistake was made.

Lane Sekavec

De Soto

New police chief

Lexington’s police chief has been dismissed. Therefore, our administrator and police board will soon begin the task of searching for his replacement.

Our new chief needs to come to the position with training, knowledge of law enforcement, time serving as an officer, status in a current position and criminal justice degrees.

Also, the chosen applicant must show he or she can work closely with our sheriff’s office.

Does the candidate for the job have an actual knowledge of what it takes to enforce the position? Each and every applicant needs to be thoroughly considered.

Then, and only then, should this position be filled.

It is the sole responsibility of our police board to see that we get the best person for the job. Please do not award this position before all applicants have been considered.

It is the responsibility and job of the police board to represent all Lexington citizens. Let’s make sure we get it right.

This individual will hold this position, hopefully, for many years. Let’s take our time and award the job to someone worthy of representing Lexington.

Someone we can all be proud of.

Carolyn Milligan

Lexington, Mo.

Fight all cancers

I love what people do to bring awareness to breast cancer, but I feel like that’s the only cancer people care about.

I don’t know why we don’t see more people wearing light blue for prostate cancer or gray for brain cancer.

People only wear pink. Also, they have all this merchandise for breast-cancer awareness, but there is hardly anything for kidney cancer (orange) or even childhood cancer (gold).

Well, I hope more people finally open their eyes and realize all the other cancers we could bring awareness to.

Adam Hayakawa

Kansas City

Overzealous security

I recently flew to Washington, D.C., on business. I am more than 70 years old with a heart condition and other health problems.

I take morning and evening medications. I put them in a pill organizer that supplies me with one week of pills.

The most of one kind of pill would be 14.

If drug dealers are going to smuggle pills this way, for the sake of people like me — please leave them alone.

At Washington, my checked luggage was randomly chosen for inspection on the way home.

I had taken all my pills except for my evening pills that day, and the security personnel at the airport took the remaining pills. Had they taken them on the trip to Washington, I would have had a real problem.

I wasn’t aware that they took them until after I got home and saw one of their cards in my bag that explained the removal.

They did not track me down and torture me to find out who my supplier was, so things could have been worse.

They left me with a fish oil pill and a baby aspirin. I would write more, but there is someone at the door.

Bill Coffman

Lee’s Summit