Letters to the Editor

Readers react to choosing a president, Oilaholics Anonymous and Bill Cosby

Presidential pick

To determine the most qualified applicant for president of the United States, we need to review education, job experience and policies.

We should consider all applicants no matter their political parties.

This process is difficult when people restrict themselves to information from the mass media. Sound bites many times do not give the full meaning of the intended message. The debates are better.

Books are good because voters get more information to consider. But then we have to turn away from our TVs and other diversions and really consider what is important to our country as a whole.

But this takes work to get the information to make the best decision possible.

Of course, none of us can make a perfect decision. And we will not know for years whether we’ve made the best decision.

Maybe we will not live to see the results of our decision. That does not mean we should not make the best effort to make this decision. But studying history can be beneficial.

Good unbiased research can help.

Larry J. Nelson

Overland Park

Drive-through cost

Recently, Taco Bell gave away free breakfasts that resulted in drive-through lanes that had cars backed up into streets in Topeka.

We at Oilaholics Anonymous would like to point out that most of those customers spent more money in wasted gas than the price of their breakfast burritos. Please join our members and forgo drive-through lanes.

You will pollute less, save gas, get exercise and meet potentially interesting people.

Armand Way


Oilaholics Anonymous


Bill Cosby’s case

By now most people know that comedian and actor Bill Cosby is accused of taking advantage of some women. He has never said he did or didn’t.

But under oath he said he bought drugs with the intent to compromise females into submission for his desires and sexual satisfaction.

What’s next in this chain of events? Did any person die while under the influence of Bill Cosby?

I guess we could ask Cosby for a DNA sample. A wrongly accused person would gladly give DNA.

Cosby should remove all doubt and future regret by letting his DNA clear his name, even though no one would trust him with his or her daughter again. This could be his chance to prove he was willing to clear his name of speculation as to what might have happened during his sexual escapades.

Doug Holman

Kansas City

Obama’s tenure

A quote from the president that “elections have consequences” is certainly true in his case. The left’s grand social experiment has had devastating consequences to this country.

President Barack Obama has continually deflected his responsibility for the rise of the Islamic State, and the result has been the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Because of Obama’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq against the advice of our military and intelligence community and not exercising several options he had in Syria, thousands of people have lost their lives.

We are now confronting the greatest threat since 9/11 and probably the greatest threat to allied nations and this country in our lifetimes.

This is what happens when an ideologue and faculty lounge philosopher refuses to exercise his oath of office to protect this country from all threats within and without, let alone uphold and defend the Constitution.

His only objective has been to implement policies of social change and transfer of wealth. The result has been to divide the nation, devastate the military and bring this country to the brink of financial insolvency by increasing the national debt to $20 trillion.

Yes, Mr. President, your presidency has had dire consequences.

Scot Ewing

Blue Springs

Valentine’s Day

Love, intrinsically implanted

Within this heart of mine,

Illumines endless boundaries ...

That words cannot define.

Love is and was and always shall

Be spent, unselfishly;

Unrestricted, yet consistent, in provision

As well it should be.

Love, so purposely portioned;

So intricate in design ...

How blessed am I

You should dwell

Within this humble heart of mine.

Dee Ann

Foley Doxsee

Kansas City