Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and KCI

President Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders is the very best presidential candidate the Democratic Party has seen in at least 44 years. If we had been paying attention to the core issues that Bernie has been fighting for his entire political life, we wouldn’t be in the fix we seem to be in now.

Taking on climate change and the pollution problem alone will require drastic changes in how we conduct our daily lives and provide for our families. The technologies of waste and carbon energy must go.

This is doable but requires focused energy and sustained, deliberate political action now. Only by sharing the sacrifices as well as the resources can we make these changes and preserve our democracy.

I’m afraid anything less will spell our demise. But if we make the required changes, we can actually emerge with a much better life for all.

Bernie represents our best shot of starting down the necessary path.

We can expect Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton to continue on the path she has been on her entire political career — that of accommodation of the financial establishment, resulting in the very predicament we face.

And the entire GOP field can only be seen as profoundly nonsensical. Go Bernie.

Vic Burton

Kansas City

Trump’s candidacy

In the 2016 presidential campaign, Republican candidate Donald Trump has mocked, condemned, ridiculed, derided and bullied the following: John McCain, Megyn Kelly, Mexicans, disabled people, Muslims and women.

Donald Trump has complimented only one person — Donald Trump.

Jane Toliver


KCI redesign

The latest proposal for renovating the terminals at Kansas City International Airport, which was rejected by a consultant at a hearing of the City Council’s Aviation Committee, has some important shortcomings (2-2, A10, “Council panel to hear analysis of KCI plans”). I will address only one.

That is the convenience of the quick gate-to-vehicle that so many people desire. The drawing submitted by Crawford Architects for this proposal on the Jan. 20 front page of The Star showed an extension of the terminal inward to the street.

Inside, a glass wall would be put up, thereby creating a secure area behind the wall and free access on the street side of the wall. The problem with this wall is that there would be one, maybe two, access/egress points with airport security screeners.

This would eliminate the quick gate-to-curb access so dearly wanted and defeat the whole idea of renovating rather than building a single new terminal.

David Napoli

Kansas City

2nd Amendment

A Jan. 30 letter writer said people who want to avail themselves of the Second Amendment should be required to attend military training and join an organized militia to own a firearm.

I guess the letter writer wants an 80-year-old grandmother who lives in a rural area by herself or in a bad area to go through military training to own a firearm to protect herself.

Maybe the letter writer should get out of his protected suburban environment and realize that not everyone is blessed to live in an area where a crime wave is a kid shooting out a window with a BB gun and the police response is very quick.

I wonder how the gentleman would feel if he had to join an approved literary organization to avail himself of his First Amendment right of free speech.

Ron Wilson

Kansas City, Kan.

Guns don’t kill

Cain killed Abel with a rock. Do we blame the rock or Abel?

Timothy McVeigh used explosives April 19, 1995, to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Do we blame McVeigh or the explosives?

A person in China goes on a rampage with a knife, killing several people. Do we blame the knife or the person?

People get killed by drunken drivers. Do we blame the cars or the drivers?

And some terrorists use knives, stones, fire, drowning and worse. Do we blame the terrorists or their methods?

Yet someone uses a firearm to kill someone, and what gets blamed? Not the attacker, but the tool he used.


I’m sure the people who were killed by any other method are just as dead, and the person who used the tool, weapon or substance is just as guilty.

Michael Partain

Kansas City