Letters to the Editor

Television noise, guns, National Time Out

TV sound problems

Admittedly, I am a senior with less-than-perfect hearing, but I am not alone in finding the music added to TV dramas highly annoying when I am trying to hear what the actors are saying. I find myself turning the volume higher and higher only to find the music even more distracting.

I am not alone; everyone I have talked to feels the same way. Either cut out the background noise or give us a way to filter it out. We don’t all have state-of-the art sound systems, where we can fine-tune them.

I have tried to get onto network websites to get help but haven’t a clue how to get to people who will listen. The TV networks need to keep in mind that many seniors have only TV for entertainment and that not all their viewers are ages 13 to 49.

Also, not all hearing-impaired people are seniors, either. Many are quite young.

Pat Holm


Guns, sports, death

With the recent passage of the “law of the land” in Georgia, allowing guns with holsters in all social arenas, including bars and restaurants, the Southeastern Conference must reconsider its decision to hold its conference sports championships in Atlanta.

Anyone who has attended such an event with thousands of fans and students from across the Southeast realizes the pending nightmare, given that the entertainment of choice outside of the games is alcohol.

Simple celebrations, from the chest-pounding winners to the frustration and forbearance of the losers, escalate the emotions, win or lose. One can only imagine how the proclivity for arguments, now with guns in hand and while under the influence, could become deadly.

Will there be a sheriff’s deputy at every establishment to control the potentially trigger-happy, legal, gun-bearing patrons before things get out of hand? Of course not.

The official statement per Herb Vincent, the SEC’s associate commissioner, was “no comment.” The SEC must address this issue before a potential tragedy defines the wonderful tournaments it has orchestrated in the past.

There are other SEC cities that would open their arms and offer a safe haven for students and alumni.

Harold Noll


Care during surgery

On Wednesday, National Time Out Day will be practiced in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers around the country.

Taking time out to confirm correct patient, correct procedure, correct surgical site and other important information before every operative and other invasive procedure is a requirement of the Joint Commission Universal Protocol.

Despite the requirement, 40 to 60 wrong-site surgeries likely occur in the U.S. each week. Time Out Day was created by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses in 2004 as a way to raise awareness about the importance of requiring the entire surgical team to pause before all invasive procedures to communicate and confirm key information about the patient and procedure to help prevent errors.

Wrong-patient, wrong-site, wrong procedures are described by the Joint Commission as “an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof.” To perioperative nurses, they are tragedies.

That is why, as a perioperative nurse and AORN member, I commemorate National Time Out Day with this public commitment to my patients, their loved ones and the entire surgical community that I will always take time out for every patient, every time.

Denice Morrison

Rayville, Mo.

Disgrace in Kansas

What a disgrace that the governor of Kansas has no respect for anything outside his own beliefs or agenda — not Kansas or federal law, not public education, not unions and due process, not the disabled, the elderly or the poor, not basic human rights, not fair taxation, not our environment, not the Affordable Care Act for all, not the arts, not collaboration, not reasonable voting reform and not even the lesser prairie chicken.

I have a thick folder full of news clippings about Kansas legislation coerced and signed by Gov. Sam Brownback that prove this point.

We must save our state in the voting booth this November and make Brownback and his cronies accountable, lest we be forever sorry.

Bootsie Lauridsen

Baldwin City

Republican hubris

When Democrats finally get their fill of endless Republican investigations of the Benghazi deaths of four Americans, with zero findings of wrongdoing by the principals, there should be a new investigation, by Democrats, into the slaughter of both Americans and Iraqis during the Iraq war. There is ample evidence that the invasion had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction.

See the book, “Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War” by Michael Isikoff and David Corn for details.

Jerry Nowak

Lee’s Summit

Obama’s weakness

Wouldn’t it be neat if President Barack Obama would grow a spine when dealing with thugs such as Russian President Vladimir Putin or the mullahs in Iran? As it is, the only people quaking are American citizens and allies such as Israel, who have discovered how expendable they have become in the politically expedient world of Obama.

The burden of fear has been lifted from the Putins of the world as the administration retreats into the fantasy that stuff like climate change is as big a threat to humanity as Iran getting a nuke or Putin invading Ukraine.

If the Obama administration had spent as much effort working with Republicans as it does deceiving low-information voters or weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service to target political opponents, perhaps prosperity instead of angst would be the hallmark of this failed administration.

Gregory H. Bontrager

Hutchinson, Kan.

Cheers for Johnny

I just wanted to comment on how much we appreciate Johnny Rowlands, chief pilot of KMBC-TV, Channel 9’s NewsChopper 9. There can be the worst weather conditions swarming above us, and he is right up there letting us know what is happening.

There might be a high-speed chase on the highway or a terrible accident and once again he is right there reporting on the action to keep us informed. He endangers his own life to help protect us.

I think of him as our personal Spiderman flying high above Kansas City to help keep us safe.

Thank you, Johnny. You’re the best.

Rita Hartsook


Bring back ‘Shoe’

I’ve been reading The Kansas City Star since I was 4 years old. That “WuMo” comic strip ruins the whole comic section.

Bring “Shoe” back or “Geech.” Get rid of “WuMo.”

John Rabich

Kansas City

Fix climate change

Climate change is very real, and it’s getting scarier by the minute.

If the United States had kept President Jimmy Carter’s energy policies from the 1970s in place we might not be in this mess.

Couple that with Al Gore being rightfully appointed U.S. president by the Supreme Court back in 2000, and we would surely be living on a very different Earth.

Wake up, people.

What kind of future Earth do you want to leave to your children? If there’s anything left at all.

Charlene Pryor

Overland Park

Improper greeting

This is for the waitress at the Country Club Plaza restaurant who kept addressing our group as “young ladies.”

We know we’re not young anymore, and we’re OK with it.

We were celebrating the 50th birthday of the youngest member of our group. We have survived breast cancer, the death of a spouse, divorce, coming out as gay, multiple surgeries, children growing up and moving away, career changes and the loss of parents.

I know you were trying to be friendly, but it felt a little false and patronizing. We’re not ready to be called old ladies yet either.

After all, we were out celebrating on a beautiful Friday night, even if we did head for home at 9 p.m.

How about just leaving age out of it?

Kathy Smith