Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week: Economic system pushes some people to the bottom

Pushed to bottom in U.S.

The police are singled out unfairly as the reason for African-Americans’ distrust and frustration with society. The core of the problem lies in the economic system.

Right from the beginning, American prosperity was based not only on the hard work of the citizens but also on exploitation, starting with taking land from the Indians.

Exploitation of workers followed. From African-Americans to Irish, Chinese and poor whites to today’s Hispanics, there always was a class of people who had to work for wages at the bottom to make the system function.

For the non-blacks, it was made acceptable because they could look down on another class that had it even worse.

Constant economic uncertainty causes fear, anxiety and frustration to go up. Likewise the crime rate.

The deep roots of the problem are less in how the police treat people than in the underlying structure of a system that needs a bottom.

Klaus Karbaumer of Platte City is a full-time organic vegetable farmer who uses draft horses in his work. He was born in Bavaria and came to the United States in 1991. He and wife LeAnn have a son and a daughter.