Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on sex education, presidential debates, Kris Kobach

Sex education need

Abortion is a false political issue. No man will ever have to make that decision.

The majority of people who have that responsibility do not want to take the choice away from other women. With comprehensive sex education and effective birth control, we have the tools to make abortion safe, legal and rare.

Cherryl Mitchell

Overland Park

Debates were jokes

The first paragraph of the Oct. 15 editorial, “Clinton puts many doubts to rest in first Democratic debate,” confirms the ignorance, bias or both of The Star’s editorial board. To describe any of the three televised jokes as “debates” is something one expects from a junior high schooler.

These were nothing more than news media farces designed to make the candidates look like the media want, and anyone knows the media’s goal. What is either comical or sad is that there’s a realistic possibility that The Star is serious and doesn’t get the joke.

James M. Moore


Kobach oversteps

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is stealing the next Kansas election. Why doesn’t anyone challenge him?

He is removing 36,000 people’s constitutionally guaranteed rights to vote on his whim and his say-so. How is there no court to reverse his grab for power?

He has filed three cases of fraud and told the Legislature he has found 18 (10-14, A4, “Kobach files first cases of voter fraud”).

Kobach created a fake crisis to put himself in charge of who gets to vote. There is no fraud crisis in Kansas except Kobach himself.

Rabbi Mark H. Levin

Prairie Village

Quiz candidates

Some letter writers should be embarrassed to admit they would vote for Hillary Clinton if she becomes the Democratic presidential nominee even though they think she has dirty laundry and doesn’t explain her position on issues unless pushed.

As U.S. citizens, we have a responsibility to listen to all the candidates and choose the one who has the best plan to save our country from the current mess it is in, regardless of party affiliation. To do otherwise exhibits laziness, ignorance and an unwillingness to use one’s brain.

People are too willing to accept broad, uncredited generalizations about one party or the other. Use your ears and hearts, people, and make the right choice in 2016.

Rebecca D. Leath

Kansas City

Gun control need

When are we going to stop hiding behind the Second Amendment and do something to protect our citizens from nonsensible gun violence?

I think our founders would be outraged by the power of the National Rifle Association and the murders of everyday people going about their business in schools, shopping centers, theaters, churches and the workplace.

We need meaningful gun-control legislation now.

Sandra Levin

Kansas City

Fighting City Hall

It was truly inspiring to read the Oct. 13 article, “Dan Coffey fights City Hall with gusto,” describing citizen Dan Coffey’s petition efforts toward initiating a vote by the people on major tax-supported projects in Kansas City. It seems that the mayor and members of the council know better than the great unwashed taxpayers regarding what we need.

What could be wrong with the taxpayers deciding where their money goes rather than a few supposedly wiser-than-thou council members in City Hall?

Fred White


Vote Democratic

Evolution did not occur. Our government should be faith-based. We have the right to own assault rifles with huge capacity magazines.

Human-caused global warming is a myth. We should invade Iran. We should do away with welfare but keep farm subsidies.

We should get rid of Obamacare but keep Medicare. We should have less government intervention unless it relates to marriage, gerrymandering and women’s bodies.

Not every Republican agrees with all the statements above, but anyone who spouts this nonsense is most assuredly a Republican.

As a moderate, I will be voting a straight Democratic ticket for the foreseeable future.

Robert Henley

Westwood Hills