Letters to the Editor

Readers react to bus routes, Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bus route changes

Once again, the Metro has unilaterally administered route changes. Recently, the Jackson/Cleveland 121 consolidated its bus stops, allowing the bus to speed up its time.

This implementation causes riders to walk farther to board the bus and after disembarking. These changes went into effect without any input from myself or any other riders I have spoken with.

But the greatest confusion comes from the elimination of the 24th Street bus stop. There are two stores at that intersection. That is the most sensible place to keep a bus stop. But not to the Metro.

To the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, it’s get on, pay up, sit down and shut up.

Alexander Taylor

Kansas City

Trump candidacy

It seems strange that former president Bill Clinton is rumored to have asked Donald Trump to run for president on the Republican ticket.

I believe the only reason he would have done so was to split the Republican Party even more. This would allow Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton to gain in the polls.

It seems Bill Clinton should have told Sen. Bernie Sanders not to run. Hillary Clinton is losing ground to Sanders.

This might be another attempt by the Clintons to not have a fair election.

Richard K. Minear

Kansas City, Kan.

People’s candidate

I wonder what planet the editorial board of The Kansas City Star is on? Americans, I guess by your definition, want political wonks.

Michael Dukakis was the great technocrat and was rejected. Most Americans want decisive leadership, not Nobel Prize winners.

When the news media ask Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump questions such as who is the vice president of Azerbaijan, the leader of Latvia or the Islamic State’s second in command, they are trying to make him look foolish. His response is usually off the cuff and not to the question.

The Star has made up its mind what a candidate should be, and anyone outside that box is unworthy. The board needs to look beyond its own prejudices and try to see what is important for Americans.

Chris Anderson


Backing Bernie

Knowing how important it is to our republic, I pay close attention to our elected representatives — particularly now during the process of selecting the chief executive.

The population of the United States is mostly nonwealthy, and I find it appalling that this quasi-sacred procedure of electing a president is almost universally hijacked by the uber-rich.

These are the people who least need protection. Their money insulates them.

As I ponder this frame of mind, I find myself inexorably drawn toward the candidate who is not purchased — Sen. Bernie Sanders. His rallying cry is his genuine concern for the rest of us — the poor, the laborers, people of color — those often marginalized by candidates. He advocates fairness, a more level playing field.

I am old-fashioned and idealistic enough to believe that government “by the people, of the people and for the people” should be for all of us — not just the rich and influential.



Warrensburg, Mo.

KC Royals scam

Last year when the Kansas City Royals made it to the playoffs, Jackson County residents had to have cable TV to view their Royals’ winning season.

Remember, Jackson County voters are being taxed to remodel the Truman Sports Complex. So why do folks without cable have to contribute to the stadiums if they can’t watch most of the Royals games on television?

Is the team going to give refunds to people without cable? Many families can’t afford to go to the stadiums, and it is very tacky to collect taxes from people who never go to a game and do not have a chance to see them on regular television.

What a scam.

Lynn Pierce


Bygone KC features

This is the Middle West, not the Middle East. Whatever happened to:

▪ The Future Farmers of America conventions?

▪ The downtown American Royal Parade and events?

▪ That great cattle drive down Main Street?

▪ Cowboys and Indians?

▪ John Wayne?

Janiece S. Buchanan

Fifth generation

Old Settler

Kansas City