Letters to the Editor

Readers react to guns vs. abortions, the American Legislative Exchange Council and gunfire at bars

Guns vs. abortions

The news media are fired up about two separate but equal stories.

First, we have the pro-abortion people defending the Planned Parenthood macabre story.

The hand-wringing commenced when some sensible people in government proposed not funding Planned Parenthood. More hand-wringing followed because of the premise that Planned Parenthood is the only agency that helps women and their needs.

Doesn’t Obamacare help women’s health needs?

At any rate, Planned Parenthood has been involved in thousands and thousands of abortions. No one can argue that.

Part two of the current news is more hand-wringing about guns.

The pleas come from the liberals about how “if we can save one child, it would be worth it” when referring to the latest attempts at more gun control. (It is not about gun control but simply control.)

OK, which way do you want it? Stop abortion and you could save a lot more babies compared with abusing the Second Amendment.

Larry Dickstein

Lone Jack

Rally against ALEC

The Jayhawks may have taken a serious beatdown at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence over the weekend, but across town, democracy scored big time.

At its zenith, an estimated 300 people took to the streets Saturday to protest the big-money, corporate influence peddling of the billionaire Koch brothers of Wichita and the secret cabal of corporations and state legislators known as ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Wearing black and carrying a rogues’ poster gallery of the identified 50 Kansas legislators friendly to ALEC, marchers sang iconic protest anthems led by Winston Apple of Independence and his melody makers. Others carried two dummies of Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries.

The two have pledged to pump nearly $1 billion into conservative political coffers this coming election season.

The protest rally was sponsored by JoCo MoveOn, a chapter of the national progressive political action coalition.

Is your state legislator tied to ALEC? Click on jocomoveon.org to find out.

Want to learn more about ALEC? Click on alecexposed.org.

Finn M. Bullers

Kansas City, Kan.

Shootings at bars

Before there is a meeting to learn how the community could force a bar near the Country Club Plaza to lose its liquor license over violence there, people should add up the number of shootings in the Power & Light District. Shootings are a people problem not a taxpaying-business problem.

Bernie Furey

Kansas City

Kansas roadblocks

I became unemployed and have been trying to gain unemployment benefits. There are many things the Kansas government has done to basically make it impossible for people to get the benefits the government has promised — under the law.

I find it incredulous and demeaning that the Kansas government has taken it upon itself to prevent residents from getting unemployment. State officials are extremely hard to get hold of, and their website is always down.

This is something that should be addressed and changed. I think the Kansas government may be bankrupt because of the lack of effort in any government office, department and organization.

Alicia Marie Allison


Royals broadcasts

A few ne’er-do-wells are always whining about Rex Hudler. Everybody else loves Rex.

His insightful and colorful analysis helps liven up the game and make it all the more interesting.

Pete Connors

Lee’s Summit

TV game shutout

Congratulations to the Royals for hanging tough in the playoffs.

I’m just very disappointed that the games are not being broadcast on one of Kansas City’s local channels for all the metro area to enjoy. Jackson County taxpayers pay for Kauffman Stadium, and fans throughout the area buy tickets and support the Royals all season long. Not everyone chooses to or can afford to have cable.

As far as I’m concerned, the situation is a travesty. It would be nice if the playoffs would be on a local channel so everyone could see the games.

Bret Gustafson

Kansas City