Letters to the Editor

Readers react to mass shootings, the Royals and cable TV

294 mass killings

The Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Oregon on Oct. 1 was, according to the Mass Shooting Tracker (www.shootingtracker.com), the 294th mass shooting incident (defined as four or more killed or wounded per incident) of 2015 (10-3, A1, “Lament after rampage: ‘Here we go again’”).

This is a rate of more than one per day as of Oct. 1 — the 274th day of the year. Indeed, these kinds of shooting/killing rampages have become everyday — if not routine — events in our gun-crazed society.

It’s way past time to take drastic action to curb the all-too-easy availability of firearms in the United States.

Vic Burton

Kansas City

Royals set pace

With the renewed interest in the Kansas City Royals, does this put any pressure on the Kansas City Chiefs to perform better this season?

The Royals are in the American League playoffs and could be in the World Series. The Chiefs are being predicted to be a nine-win, seven-loss team, an unsure position to make the playoffs.

To me the difference between the two franchises is not the ownership or coaching. It’s the type of leadership by the players.

The Royals have developed inspirational players like Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain and others who perform beyond expectations whereas the Chiefs have Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston and others in lesser positions to demonstrate leadership.

It’s left to quarterback Alex Smith. Although functional, he rarely makes the big plays that inspire the greater winning excellence required. Hopefully, Chiefs coach Andy Reid will make the necessary change in the quarterback position if things go wrong.

It’s totally speculation, of course, but Chase Daniel could be that inspirational player the Chiefs need.

Daniel hasn’t had much of a chance in the pros, but I believe he could be the proven winner.

Grant L. Nelson

Kansas City

Cable TV nonsense

Upon recently returning from a fishing trip to Canada, my best friend and I turned on cable news at our hotel. Front and center were three buffoons and a lawyer.

One buffoon was a former preacher and presidential candidate who couldn’t find a pulpit big enough for his ego, so he became a TV personality. Another was a thrice-divorced woman who claims she’s defending traditional marriage by refusing to do her job and comply with a court order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. This lady has apparently confused Christianity with an alternative venue for her neuroses.

We mustn’t forget her current main squeeze decked out in his Sunday bib overalls and straw hat. Yeehaw, folks!

My staunch Republican buddy and I agreed: “This is newsworthy?” One observant pundit on the show commented, “We have bigger fish to fry.”

A safe wager is that folks who claim this as news also are addicted to shows such as “Dancing with the Has-Beens.”

Although I have broadband cable, I’ve never had cable TV. Each time I see this junk, I say, “It’s not worth paying for.”

Norence A. Nelson

Waverly, Mo.

Dying for oil

What is wrong with those Syrian and Iraqi men who are refusing to join the military to fight against the Islamic State militants?

Don’t they realize how brave and heroic it is to die for American oil interests?

Are they stupid or what?

Dan Lopez

Kansas City

Unsolicited ‘gift’

The letter carrier with the U.S. Postal Service had to bring a large brown envelope to our door because it did not fit in the mailbox.

In the envelope were a check for $2.50 made out to my husband, a calculator and a notepad embossed with his name and mounted on a padded folder, which can fold like a small book.

A nice pen was embossed, “Disabled Veterans National Foundation.” All of these were on a nice white base decorated with swirls of stars and stripes.

I wonder how much more money would have gone to the disabled veterans if our contributions had been used for the veterans rather than the unsolicited gift.

What a waste. We are removing the group from our list of charities.

LeuVenae McAnally

Lake Lotawana

Be kind to books

Books borrowed from the public library are for access by all the public. Your scribbling on the pages is bad, ignorant and egotistical.

To scrawl words and sentences is a sign or your ignorance. If you cannot retain a word or passage written, the excellent librarians can direct you to publications equal to your age group and intellect.

If you cannot concentrate while reading without a writing instrument, you should purchase books from a bookstore, and then you may desecrate them to your heart’s content.

Phyl Sewell

Kansas City