Letters to the Editor

Readers react to the downtown hotel, covered stadiums and road safety

Questionable hotel

If the downtown hotel project is so good for the whole city, why won’t they let us vote on it (10-2, A4, “Heated hotel talks yield no consensus”)?

Charles Barnes

Kansas City

Covered stadiums

Even though a few years ago the movable roof that would have been placed over Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums was denied, I believe we should do it after all.

I say this because if we put a roof on Arrowhead then we would be eligible to hold the Super Bowl.

Even if the Chiefs are not in the Super Bowl, it would generate a massive profit for businesses in the Kansas City area.

Samuel Gardella

Kansas City

Making safe turns

I have found that several traffic lights in the area have left-hand turn lights that last for too short a time.

For example, the light at 75th Street and State Line Road allows only two to three cars to go through the intersection. This leads to a massive blockage in traffic and cars speeding through the intersection in hopes of beating the red light.

I would like to see cities monitor the traffic that goes through intersections and change the timers on these lights to provide an easier and safer drive around the city

Max McAnany

Lake Quivira

KC area prison

Regarding the option of closing Guantánamo and transferring some or all of the detainees to the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, I offer some perspective.

The federal penitentiary at Leavenworth sits on Metropolitan Avenue, abutting the fort and directly across the street from residential areas. The Lansing Correctional Facility 10 minutes down the road is surrounded by residential areas. The new U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at the fort is close to family housing, including general officers and about 100 students and staff from allied countries.

All three facilities house murderers, rapists, child molesters and at least one terrorist.

If you’re looking for evil, these facilities already have it in spades. Security at all three facilities is impressive.

As a student at the fort, I never worried about breakouts or break-ins. Our children walked to school, recreation venues and friends’ houses without fear. They knew they were safe, and the bad guys weren’t going anywhere.

Much of the anti-this or anti-that we read about is based on fear, and there are politicians ready to exploit it. Chill.

Dave Smiley


Cable TV sports

I would like to see the the cable companies give their customers everything they asked for, such as more national sports networks such as NESN, SportsTime and Sportsnet, and every local broadcast station in their region.

I have requested to receive channels such as KQTV in St. Joseph and WIBW in Topeka, but nothing was done to make it happen.

I think viewers need to be able to get what they asked for.

Michael Prunty

Kansas City

Radio talk of hoax

Two Springfield, Mo., morning radio talk-show personalities last month were suspended for having an on-air discussion apparently contending that the shooting of a reporter and her cameraman in Virginia was staged to spark a conversation on more restrictive gun laws.

Think about it. If the killing of 20 children couldn’t move the nation toward sensible gun laws, why would anyone with even a little common sense think that a fake shooting would?

The Springfield radio personalities shouldn’t have been suspended. They should have been fired. Then they could pursue their true calling. Politics.

Marty Birch


Curfew for teens

A few months ago, a group of young men was causing disturbances at the Country Club Plaza. I am writing this letter as a complaint because of the city curfew law.

I live near the Plaza, and I can’t even go enjoy a nice meal or movie with my friends past 9 p.m. I can’t even step outside my house past 9 o’clock without my parents because I live in Westport.

The curfew shouldn’t be changed to an earlier time because of one thing that a bunch of stupid people did. I had nothing to do with what they did, and now I can’t enjoy the area I live in.

Cory Spencer

Kansas City