Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Kansas zombies, teacher salaries and Donald Trump

Kansas zombies

At age 63 and overweight, I would be the first one to be taken by a zombie. So for Gov. Sam Brownback to waste one precious second or one precious tax dollar to even discuss with state employees a preparedness plan or his declaration of “October Zombie Awareness Month” in Kansas is insulting to all of us as citizens (9-29, A5, “Get ready, Kansans: It’s zombie preparedness time”).

I can take care of myself in any zombie attacks. I don’t need an awareness plan by the emergency department in Topeka.

Just as President Bill Clinton didn’t inhale, I know Brownback never caught a zombie. Brownback needs to be impeached for fraudulent spending of tax dollars.

I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner and need money to treat the mentally ill, and Brownback wastes time and efforts on Zombies. He must be a Republican.

Valerie Jansen


Political-call rejects

This letter is to all political candidates: It’s bad enough to deal with the political messages you leave on my land line. If you leave a message on my cellphone, I guarantee you’ll never get my vote.

Roberta Newth


Teacher salaries

Here’s a thought. Rather than debasing those employed in the fast-food industry and others of that ilk, let’s raise the wages of our educators to the much more substantial salaries they so much deserve.

And people might think of it this way.

One of those fast-food servers might be one of the many teachers who have recently lost their jobs in Kansas because of the lack of school funding. I guess that must be one of those stopgap positions.

Kathy Johnson

Prairie Village

Trump’s candidacy

It seems that every presidential election cycle provides standup comedians with opportunities for comic parodies of serious contenders. This time Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump beat them to it.

Harvey A. Jetmore Jr.


War, child abuse

For once I’m agreeing with a Republican. Rep. Duncan Hunter’s demand to reinstate the two Special Forces members who stood up to the Afghan commander is a noble cause (9-27, A21, “Intervention costs soldiers their careers”).

The Afghan commander kept an 11-year-old as his sex slave and beat the child’s mother — acts of intimidation, coercive control and despicable abuse of a child and his caregiver.

It seems the Special Forces soldiers acted on their own and went against their superiors’ wishes to not rock the boat.

Perhaps it’s time to rock bigger boats as we respond to the tidal wave of child exploitation happening throughout the world.

As validated by recent legislation and initiatives to combat sex trafficking of minors in the United States, this is not a problem limited to a remote Afghan village but one that hides in the shadows of our country as well.

I for one will do what I can to combat the exploitation here, and I’m thankful that at least two soldiers chose to defend a defenseless Afghan child. And I’m wondering whether we found the child a safe place, or was our only action to fire one soldier and demote the other?

Pam Hamilton

Overland Park

Grieving friend

There were times when my friend Doug Sutherland and I had our letters published in the same issues, and I have to admit that my letters were usually thoughtful but on the caustic side.

But Doug’s were always thoughtful and considerate and usually had reference to the love of his life, Twila. Last month, Twila left us and went on to her eternal rewards.

Doug is now left with so many beautiful memories of his lovely Twila. We all share some of his sorrow.

Bob Blackman


Power of happiness

I believe we can have power and happiness if we exercise greetings in a positive and happy manner.

While I was walking down the hall one day, a woman greeted me with a happy voice and a smile. My response was, “Hello lovely lady. I hope your day goes well.”

The woman suddenly stopped and said, “You made my day. Ten years ago today, my husband died, and he always called me ‘lovely lady.’ Your greeting was the first time I’d heard ‘lovely lady’ since his death.”

In our everyday walk, we can bring joy to another and possibly change a life for good. What a wonderful challenge.

Doug Sutherland


Moral adjustment

Am I alone or do others think we have lost our moral compass? I watch the news and see people riot when they perceive an injustice has been committed.

When the scenario is reversed I witness no similar outrage. What’s wrong with that picture?

I will tell you. We all need to re-examine what is important and that is White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.

If we as a human race don’t start to get our collective acts together then there will be nothing left To Matter.

Michael Clark


Taxes in Kansas

I am sick and tired of these tax and spend Republicans ruining the state of Kansas. Sales tax, property tax, fees, all going up for what?

So a few can prosper at the expense of the many?

Larry Hitchcock

Westwood Hills