Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week: A voter ID rescue by cellphone

Cellphone voter ID rescue

In the last election, my husband, Robert S. Phillips, who was very ill but insisted that we take him from the nursing home to our voting venue, arrived with no identification.

He was a lifelong Republican and never missed a vote. Because I am a Democrat, it was difficult for me to solve his problem. But I thought it was the right thing to do. I therefore called our daughter, Noelle, who had his power of attorney, and asked whether she had his driver’s license.

She did, and I asked that she take a picture on her cellphone and send it to me. She did, and they accepted the photo ID and we wheeled him to the voting station, where he proceeded to cancel my vote.

He is gone now, and when I read articles on repressive voting regulations, I am left wondering if Bob had been a Democrat whether they would have accepted the cellphone picture.

Sharon Chadwell Phillips of Lenexa was born in West Virginia and moved to the Kansas City area in 1989. She founded Athena Communications in Overland Park, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. She is a member of Johnson County Democratic Women.