Letters to the Editor

Readers share thoughts on Sen. Pat Roberts, voting and TV commercials

Roberts’ residency

There has been much discussion lately as to whether U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts is a resident of Kansas or Virginia. I would submit that he is in fact neither but actually a citizen of the Beltway — that vast no man’s land, which is populated solely by career politicians and bureaucrats.

From the first moment one becomes such a citizen, his entire focus is on being re-elected so he can remain in those hallowed grounds.

If you still have questions as to whether Roberts is truly a Kansan, ask yourself this: At that time when he is no longer a senator (hopefully after this year’s election), do you think there is any chance he will sell his house in Virginia and return to western Kansas to live in Dodge City?

Dallas Garr

Emporia, Kan.

New commissioner

We are writing on behalf of the Greater Kansas City School Administrators Association and the Cooperating School Districts of Greater Kansas City regarding the process of selecting the next commissioner of education. We encourage the State Board of Education to use an open process in selecting the new commissioner of education similar to the process used to pick prior commissioners, Robert Bartman, Kent King and Chris Nicastro.

The process of selecting the three previous commissioners of education included a search procedure in which candidates had to have specific qualifications and experience established by the State Board of Education.

As well, candidates had to submit applications for the position, had to adhere to a reasonable application deadline and were screened by a committee of practicing public school educators and state board members.

We respect the fact that the members of the State Board of Education have a tremendous task ahead. However, stakeholders of Missouri public schools deserve an open, transparent and inclusive process in selecting the next commissioner of education.

Gayden Carruth, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Cooperating School

Districts of Greater

Kansas City

Kansas City

Sean Smith, Ed.D.


Greater Kansas City

School Administrators



Picking solutions

A college professor said that when people have a problem they are either part of the problem or part of the solution to the problem.

I want to suggest that as we vote soon, in the privacy of that booth, we ask ourselves this question: “Is this candidate part of the problem we have or is he part of the solution to the problem?” Perhaps this will guide of us to make a decision as to whom we should vote for. Let’s go for it.

Bill Stephens

Overland Park

Off-base TV ads

We were all appalled recently to see a story on TV news of a high school student viewing porn during class (10-17, A4, “Teen faces child porn charge”).

He had porn on a school computer, and the term “addicted to” was used numerous times.

Is it any wonder our children are in this predicament, taking nude selfies, sending them on the Internet, sexting at an ever earlier age?

Do we adults not recognize that we are responsible for this behavior?

From television, we seem to be more concerned with erectile dysfunction and being able to “perform” than we are with the national debt, the killing of thousands of innocent babies or anything with any substance. It is impossible to watch TV as a family anymore without a Cialis or Viagra commercial popping up.

Advertising during the Royals’ playoff games was disgusting with a certain blonde English woman telling us how to take care of the male problem during every commercial break.

Can we not limit these commercials to late night and bring the family back together during prime time without having to explain these things to our children and grandchildren? Morality and integrity have been destroyed in our country, and we wonder why our kids are behaving so.

Judi Tremaine

Overland Park

Kudos to The Star

I just wanted to let Kansas City Star employees know that you knocked it out of the ballpark on your coverage of the Royals. Even with late-night games, coverage was there the next day and exquisite, replete with color pictures and great human interest and sports articles.

The paper dolls are a fun idea. The total package makes us all proud of our Kansas City Star.

You really have outdone yourselves on this one.

Mary Jarrett

Eudora, Kan.

Cheers for water

Once more into the breach. Kudos and bravo to our intrepid Kansas City Water Services Department crews.

The annual burst water pipe at 79th Street and Holmes Road was fixed so speedily we didn’t need to use all the water stored in our tubs. Yes, I said annual burst pipe.

We are without water one or two times a year. At the same spot.

Instead of trolley tracks, new airports or fixing/demolishing Kemper Arena, we should be fixing the infrastructure of our beautiful city. The pipes on our street were installed in 1938.

It seems to me there would be plenty of jobs for local businesses in this endeavor. It’s probably not exciting enough and makes too much sense.

Once again, thanks to the water department crew members who worked all night recently to restore our water.

Rosemary Morgan

Kansas City

Adult leadership

I had not been completely informed about the upcoming gubernatorial and senatorial elections in Kansas until I started watching the ads concerning these elections on TV.

Now I find that Barack Obama is running for both governor of Kansas and senator from Kansas.

Apparently, votes for the independent candidate for the Senate, Greg Orman, and the Democratic candidate for governor, Paul Davis, would put Mr. Obama in both of these offices.

But I am confused. How would Mr. Obama be able to continue as president of the United States if he fills these roles in Kansas?

Can it be that the television ads are wrong and that electing Mr. Davis and Mr. Orman would put in office adult Kansas residents who have the best interests of the state at heart? Wouldn’t that be a switch?

Nancy Pike Hause


Focusing on joys

My appreciation to The Star for providing readers with Hampton Stevens’ Oct. 18 realistic but positive outlook on the many worries in these times “Happiness in small joys of life.”

Our thoughts are us, and we can use them to either enrich or impoverish our everyday lives.

As Hampton Stevens tells us, “take heart.”

Marilyn Kuehne

Kansas City, Kan.