Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Kansas Democrats, guns and Cecil the lion

Democrats’ loss

I have been a registered Republican for more than 45 years. Lately, I have felt that the Kansas Republicans have left me outside the tent and I no longer embrace their platform.

However, in recent conversations with former Kansas Democratic leader Larry Meeker, I finally felt like maybe I had found my true allegiance and began to ask how I could become more involved (8-22, A1, “Kansas Democrats reject ‘rebranding’”).

Much to my dismay, I have learned that the Kansas Democratic Party has forced Meeker to resign because his ideas do not comport with the party line.

I had begun to believe that as a moderate Republican, I was more akin to a red-state Democrat. But that party has shunned me, too.

Kathy Bussing


Seconds count

Here’s a scenario: It’s night. My grandson and I are sleeping.

Suddenly, I’m awakened by someone breaking into my home. Here’s my checklist:

1. I need my reading glasses.

2. I turn on the light.

3. I find my reading glasses.

4. I go to my gun safe.

5. I hope I remember and dial the combination.

6. I open the gun safe.

7. I grab my gun.

8. I take off my gun safety.

9. I cock the hammer.

I am ready to protect us. Whoops. My grandson and I are already dead. Seconds count.

Gary Friend

Lawson, Mo.

Post-Cecil lessons

That was not a “hunt” perpetrated and funded by the infamous Minneapolis dentist; it was an arranged assassination of a magnificent creature, Cecil the lion. Making a monetary contribution to the conservation efforts in Africa as amends is not evidence of sufficient remorse.

To begin to re-establish credibility with his patients and humanity, the dentist should volunteer 200 hours of community service and pledge his future recreational expenditures to charitable projects where the money can do some good. He has to prove that his judgments have become rational and are not driven by his latest whim to achieve macho status.

Put down the bow and arrow, pick up the drill and start doing some pro bono work to prove you have learned your lesson.

Virginia Kudlinski

Overland Park

Green energy’s time

U.S. government regulators brought about cleaner-operating automobiles. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, autos produced a lot of pollution, and the manufacturers told us they could not economically produce the cleaner-operating vehicles our government leaders were asking for.

With a little government pressure, the automobile manufacturers began producing vehicles with computer-controlled fuel injection that burn less fuel and produce much less pollution. Our modern vehicles are a little more expensive, but they are worth the extra cost.

The same good results could happen with our electric-power plants.

Doyle E. Yeater


Bo Jackson fan

I would like to see Bo Jackson in the Baseball Hall of Fame. No one has ever seen the likes of this man.

I’ve seen a lot in my 56 years and enjoyed a lot in sports. I was never awed by anyone until this man played.

I think Bo should be in both the baseball and football halls of fame. He could be the first man inducted for what could have been.

I’m thinking it’s been too long.

We as fans have input. I understand Bo Jackson means nothing so some people. But to me, the man meets and beats everyone.

Bo knows what I’m saying. It’s no joke. He should not wait anymore.

James Rank

Osage Beach, Mo

Perspective on news

As I read about issues in the news, I am reminded of famous quotes by wiser people than me that put these issues in proper perspective:

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” “Trust but verify.” “If we don’t know our history, we are doomed to repeat it.” “Anyone willing to give up personal liberty for safety deserves neither.” “Do not let the perfect get in the way of the good.” “A rumor can circle the globe twice while truth is still tying up her boots.”

“Evil can only flourish when good men do nothing.” “The majority rules unless the rights of a minority are sacrificed — even a minority of one.” “It is amazing the evil men will do when it is in the name of religion.”

“When older people are asked what their greatest regret is, it is not that they wished they spent more time at the office.”

Although according to the National Rifle Association, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people,” it is a fact that people with guns kill more people than people without guns.

“There is no truth — only perspective.” “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors but borrow it from our children.”

Rayne Reese

Overland Park

Amendments, liberty

The First Amendment provokes those who hate freedom of speech. The Second Amendment provokes those who hate others’ self-defense, using guns.

The Third Amendment provokes those who would try to occupy our homes. The Fourth Amendment provokes those who would try to search and seize our homes and possessions.

All of the amendments provoke those who would try to seize our liberties.

Carl Stuart


Kansas budget hole

Not having a degree in economics, I’m confused about the budget process in Kansas.

The Legislature cut taxes on top earners in Kansas, which created a deficit. The governor then wanted to raise taxes on products to offset his shortfall, making products more expensive. Fewer people will be able to afford them, and less tax money will be generated for the governor.

The Legislature started cutting funding to schools and services and jobs got cut, leaving fewer people with income to pay for the governor’s new taxes. Legislators then tried to figure out how to fill the hole, creating a deeper hole.

The very people who did not create the hole are now in danger of being put on furlough, resulting in fewer people with income to pay for the governor’s new taxes.

Top earners are not creating jobs. They have discovered they can get along with fewer people, more for the bottom line that doesn’t get taxed.

The people who could pay for the governor’s new taxes have either had their pay stagnate in recent years or receive minimum wages that have not kept pace with inflation. Don’t count on these people to fill your hole, governor.

Donna Sunderson


Cuts hurt schools

Sgt. Joe Friday’s trademark request during investigation of a crime on “Dragnet,” “Just the facts ma’am,” was revealed when Kansas City, Kan., School District Superintendent Cynthia Lane needed to cut 31 full-time workers and cut the pay of hundreds of others in her district. It’s a school district that teaches the not-so-affluent children in Wyandotte County.

What are the facts? Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and the majority of the Kansas Legislature changed the school funding formula and cut income taxes and business taxes, primarily affecting the wealthy. Then lawmakers looked at increasing regressive taxes such as sales taxes, which primarily affect the poor, to balance the budget.

Kansas government is injuring the working men and women of this state. Kansas government is affecting the future of our children.

Kansas residents, please arrest these thieves at the polls. The 2016 elections can’t come soon enough. Make Sgt. Joe Friday proud.

Larry Miller

Overland Park

Parking lot blues

I believe that I am not the only one who after shopping leaves a large store or shopping center and cannot readily find my car. Surprisingly, to my knowledge only Wal-Mart numbers its parking lot lanes, and at Kauffman Stadium light poles in its parking lots are marked.

But as two examples, Costco and Oak Park Mall do not. Can someone please tell me why?

The hallmark of customer service is to please. This would appear to be a comparatively small thing that would please me very much.

Roger Ewing

Overland Park