Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on Gov. Brownback, Royals, Medicare

Hijacking Kansas

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been amazed and appalled by the Republican Party’s recent bald-faced attempts to hijack Kansas’ entire electoral process.

After the Republicans’ lackey, Secretary of State Kris Kobach, failed to prevent a Democratic candidate from withdrawing, they’ve sent in yet another lackey (this time from Gov. Sam Brownback’s floundering campaign) to tell Democrats how to run their own party.

Ask yourself this: Why is it so important for Republicans to re-elect a useless, carpetbagging, three-term obstructionist that they have to rig Kansas elections? Because Republicans know they can’t possibly win against a sensible independent candidate.

They can’t win if they don’t disenfranchise responsible voters. They can’t win unless they distract and mislead citizens. They can’t win without gerrymandering every single congressional district.

They can’t win in a fair fight.

Most important, they can’t win if conscientious Kansans go out and vote.

So to Kansas voters, I say this: The Republican Party has nothing to offer you except lies and empty promises.

It will not listen to your concerns, take its responsibilities seriously, cooperate with other democratically elected officials, raise your wages or provide you with the health care coverage that your federal tax dollars have already financed.

Remember that in November.

Steven Davis


Royals fans tribute

To Royals fans, congratulations. Twenty-nine years, and you’ve made it to the World Series.

Born and raised in Kansas City, I was 14 years old when the Royals won in 1985 and umpire Don Denkinger’s “safe” call in Game 6 changed the way St. Louis would forever feel about Kansas City.

But for us, it was magical providence.

After college, I married a St. Louis boy and diehard Cardinals fan.

When asked whom I’d root for if the Cards and Royals met again, I replied, “The Royals were my first love, but I married the Cardinals.” Loved them for better, for worse, in good times and bad.

I was there for Mark McGwire’s last at-bat, in the nosebleeds for our two recent World Series wins. I’ve mourned the deaths of our beloved Jack Buck, whom we lost the day the Angels came to town, and four days later, of pitcher Darryl Kile.

My heart has been broken and healed by this magnificent game. I cherish my memories of Willie Wilson and George Brett, Dan Quisenberry and Bret Saberhagen.

I’ve lived in both cities and loved both teams. I know the magic of October baseball.

So, to my Royal friends, “Go crazy, folks, go crazy!”

Stephanie Bosch

O’Fallon, Mo.

Royals, then, now

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals and thanks for all the excellent coverage by TV and The Kansas City Star.

I especially enjoyed all The Star’s articles and the vibrant photography. Reporters did an excellent job in bringing to life the atmosphere of the game and of the crowd.

Incidentally, I saved The Kansas City Times of Monday, Oct. 28, 1985. Writing then was also good but not with the excitement of today. Pictures were in black and white.

The only Kansas City Star-Times journalist’s name I recognize was Joe McGuff. Jonathan Rand and Tracy Ringolsby of The Star-Times sports staff wrote several of the articles. Joe Henderson wrote for the metropolitan staff.

I will always appreciate tactile memories.

Barbara Smith


TV ads during game

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for going to the World Series, and boos and hisses that Fox will provide TV coverage of the championship. Now that the games are no longer shown on cable, we will be subjected to the negative, hateful Kansas political television ads.

They don’t even apply to the state that is having the World Series, but we will all be forced to deal with them. We are all happiness and light because of the championship, and the ads are all darkness and negativity.

What a shame that one side has to go negative to win elections instead of offering ideas that will work to bring America back together.

David Hodge


Maintain Medicare

For decades, the Republicans have tried to get their hands on the Social Security trust fund. Now, in a handful of Republican-controlled states such as Kansas and Missouri, they want to get their hands on the Medicare trust fund.

That is the most insidious idea they have ever concocted.

Workers and employers pay into the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) payroll tax to provide for Social Security and Medicare. You and I have paid into those trust funds during our working lives.

Also, those of us who have Medicare Part B are also paying into the Medicare trust fund. Now, these Republican-controlled states want to take charge of Medicare and take a part of Medicare funding.

We should all stand up and shout a resounding no. Keep your lousy hands off our Medicare.

Gene W. DeVaux


Ferguson coverage

In response to your articles after unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown, an African-American, was shot to death Aug. 9 by a white Ferguson, Mo., police officer, thank you for continuing to cover what’s happening.

I’m glad the issue is still receiving pressure from citizens’ protests for the sake of the rest of this country.

This kind of unnecessary racism can’t go unquestioned.

That’s why it’s frustrating when people in this country act like the issue of Michael Brown’s killing is being overblown.

The people in Ferguson are standing up for equality for their race because they have seen it steamrolled way too often.

If this continues to happen and the citizens just go about their day and say nothing, racism will stay alive and well.

Incidents such as the one involving Michael Brown happen way more often than they should in this country, and there comes a time when citizens need to speak up.

Thank you for your continuing coverage of the situation in Ferguson.

Caitlin Whetstone

Manhattan, Kan.

GOP war on women

The Republican Party well knows that war on women is in high gear in Missouri with the override of Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the 72-hour waiting period before having an abortion.

If abortion is legal (and it is), the only waiting period should be up to the doctors and their patients.

Richard W. Lathrom

Kansas City

Damaging labels

A Democrat and a Republican are walking down a road when they encounter a man sitting by the side of the road holding a sign asking for food.

They go into town and buy a fish and a fishing pole. They give the man the fish so he can eat today and teach him how to fish so he can feed himself in the future.

They next day they encounter the same man with the same sign.

They ask him why he still needs food, and he responds that he sold the fishing pole so he could buy cigarettes.

The Democrat once more buys a fish and a fishing pole.

The Republican looks on.

The third day they encounter the same man with the same sign. They ask him what happened, and he once gain replies that he needed cigarettes.

The Democrat tells the man that he will have a fish and a pack of cigarettes delivered every day.

The Republican protests.

The Democrat calls the Republican vile and cruel names.

Headline the next day: “Republicans declare war on poor and hungry.”

William Gray

Overland Park

Re-elect Sen. Roberts

The independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Kansas, Greg Orman, will not declare with which party he will caucus.

He is not forthright in his beliefs.

Something is rotten in Denmark (Kansas).

Vote to re-elect Sen. Pat Roberts.

Margaret (Peggy) Hamtil