Letters to the Editor

Readers share thoughts on the Royals, Kansas incumbents and same-sex marriage

Second coming

The Star this week brought to mind a story from the distant past. The editor was contacted by a reader and asked why he did not use a larger headline to report the end of World War II.

The editor is reported to have said, “We are saving that for the second coming.”

Now we know he was referring to the World Series (10-16, A1, “World Class”).

Floyd Delon

Kansas City

Kansas incumbents

Republicans have gotten themselves into quite a fix. It seems that U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach have become unresponsive, irrelevant and out of touch with their constituencies.

So much so that they can’t effectively communicate with us anymore. They fire the locals and bring in hired rumormongers and reputation wreckers who try to divert our attention from the real issues.

Roberts, Brownback and Kobach don’t represent our interests. Many (I hope most) Kansas voters are highly offended with their campaigns.

Void of any substantive accomplishments, they are left with political spitball throwing. We can do better.

On Nov. 4, let’s vote them out while we serenade the “Three Harmigos” with “Happy Trails.”

Rev. Jimmie L. Banks

Kansas City, Kan.

Hunters can help

Deer hunting season is here. Hunters, as you head out to your favorite spot, please be aware of your surroundings.

Do you see anything unusual? Abandoned clothing might be covering human bones. We, the people of Missouri Missing, need your help.

There are hundreds of unsolved cases of missing children and adults in our state, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. Observant people, going about their outdoor activities, have found clues that helped solve local cases. For example:

▪ Mushroom hunters found the remains of Melissa Corn in Callaway County.

▪ Brandi Mathews’ remains were found by a dog walker in Miller County.

▪ In Maries County, deer hunters found the remains of Kinga Gillibrand.

Just think of how much help hunters could be. They cover so much more ground than we as individuals can search.

For those missing and their loved ones, please be aware of your surroundings this hunting season.



Holts Summit, Mo.

Thanks to KC Star

Thank you Kansas City Star for printing the paper Royals. The neighbor kids and I look forward to cutting them out, putting them together and displaying them in the house.

The other day when it rained there was great panic, but all the Royals are high and dry and heading for the World Series.

Lynn Cornell

Lee’s Summit

Obama must go

The Pentagon broke the law when it came to Bowe Bergdahl’s release, and officials could have done it only under orders of the president.

President Richard Nixon ordered people to break the law, and then he resigned. President Barack Obama ordered people to break the law, so he should do likewise.

If Obama doesn’t resign, it shows he thinks he is above the law.

Steven Thomas

Kansas City

Ikea benefits area

I am not only thrilled Ikea selected the Kansas City area for a new store, but I’m also quite thankful that it is providing a sorely needed break from the complete absurdity of current Kansas politics.

Having “shopped” (observed and evaluated) more than 1,000 retail establishments, I rarely choose to “go shopping.” (Thank goodness for online shopping.) However, given the positive memories of my first visit to an Ikea store in 1990 when in Hong Kong on business, I will certainly be visiting our local store.

I hope Ikea will share with local businesses, governments and individuals how environmental sustainability is embedded throughout Ikea’s organization. A nuts-and-bolts demonstration of how making and implementing smart sustainability decisions consistently increases profitability would really help reduce local skepticism.

I’m impressed by Ikea’s renewable energy generation and by the recent conversion to paper-shipping pallets. Your innovative leadership benefits many.

Thank you for bringing a world-class retail example to our community.

Lisa Hays

Overland Park

Same-sex marriage

Judges do not define marriage, God does (10-14, A4, “Judge not worried about order’s fallout”).

Brian Barkley

Overland Park

End police chases

So long as we are shining a spotlight on police departments where officers shoot unarmed citizens and drown others, why not swing the beam to those senseless police chases that often end in the injury or death of innocent bystanders?

A speeding car is a lethal weapon. Under what circumstances is it necessary for the police to use speeding vehicles to put themselves and the public at risk? I would say only if the person fleeing has an AK-47 pointed out the window and is shooting at everyone in sight.

Otherwise, just let the motorists go. These scofflaws will soon show up again and be arrested. Often the police have enough identifying information to catch them later.

What seems only at stake is pride. Is this why they joined the force, to be in control no matter what? Police chiefs everywhere can solve this thorny problem by simply ordering “no chases, no matter what.”

The public should demand it.

Ron Platt

Overland Park

Political roadblocks

It looks as though our chickens have come home to roost. The deficit hawks and their meat-cleaver budget cuts have borne fruit.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that its ability to mount a response to the Ebola virus threat has been hampered by budget cuts. The National Institutes of Health issued a statement saying it might have found a cure for Ebola, or at least better treatments, had its budget not been slashed to the bone.

Partisan bickering has cost us, too. Sen. John McCain recently called for President Barack Obama to appoint an Ebola czar. Well, senator, that function usually would be performed by the surgeon general, but we don’t have one because the National Rifle Association doesn’t like the president’s appointee and has blocked it.

We’re going to the polls in a few weeks. It’s our chance to elect representatives who will put America before political games.

Mark Hastert

Kansas City

Taking responsibility

People must take responsibility for their mistakes with no excuses, which includes law enforcement and prosecutors. Remember, errors are only human frailties, and prosecutors and judges are not totalitarian gods.

When I was working in the construction of bridges, I had to follow federal, state and local specifications for my work to be completed satisfactorily. I did my job in an ethical and workmanlike manner and I enjoyed it.

Therefore, law-enforcement officers and prosecutors need to perform their duties in an ethical and veracious manner. If they are in error, they should rescind their charges and pay the consequences. Remember, nobody is above the law.

Terrance R. Hawbaker

Atchison, Kan.

Royals’ big dream

There is nothing wrong with the Kansas City Royals’ “I believe.” I know I’m dating myself, but all I hear in my head these days is Frank Sinatra singing about a certain ant who’s got “high hopes.”

Thanks, Royals, for giving this city something to sing about. Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant.

What do you bet it’s headed straight to the World Series?

Dorothy Brandwein