Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Democrats invoking religion, Kansas teachers and the Houston Astros’ stadium

Democrats, religion

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently scraped the bottom of the barrel for a Democratic Party liberal. She referred to God to help in the fight against global warming.

This is hard to swallow. At the last convention, the Democrats refused to use any reference to the almighty in their political platforms.

Conservatives go to the Bible and God before even starting a policy or major decision. The left uses references to God only as a last resort.

Which political wing do you think you should put your faith in?

Joe Lavender


Kansas teachers

While driving to Topeka recently, I passed a billboard on Interstate 70 recruiting teachers for the Independence, Mo., school district.

Then, we learn that, according to the Kansas Department of Education, at least 3,720 teachers have left the state, retired or taken jobs outside of education during the past year, a record exodus with clear implications for the future of Kansas’ education and economy.

Is this any mystery when the Brownback administration promotes block grants to schools, effectively cutting their funding, and abolishes teacher tenure? Why, a prospective educator asks, would I want to teach in Kansas?

Proposals under consideration in some school districts to accept unlicensed teachers can only hasten the exit of Kansas’ best teachers and contribute to the downward spiral of quality of life in Kansas.

Like the state’s budget deficits, education deficits will have a cumulative negative effect for years to come, long after Gov. Sam Brownback, who’s enjoyed the fruits of a Kansas education, leaves the governor’s mansion in 2019, enjoying his taxpayer-funded retirement.

Martin Zehr

Kansas City

Astros stadium

I hate that the Kansas City Royals have to play the Houston Astros. Minute Maid Park is an embarrassment to Major League Baseball.

With its short left- and right-field lines and sloping center field and flag pole, it’s not worthy of baseball to allow a team to design its roster to take advantage of these quirks.

When several Astros have batting averages under .200 but have close to 20 home runs, the conclusion is obvious. They have found some success only because of the venue, not their talent.

Let’s see how Houston fares in the spacious Kauffman Stadium when the Texas team plays here Friday through Sunday.

Robert Bass