Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Mike Matheny, K-State arrogance and Chiefs game day traffic

Give them time

I have full confidence in Royals General Manager Dayton Moore and believe he has made the best choice with Mike Matheny as the team’s new manager. (Nov. 1, 1A, “Royals hire Matheny as manager after his St. Louis flameout”)

I ask for my fellow Royals fans to relax and give the Moore-Matheny team a couple of years to prove itself.

- Bob Linder, Manhattan, Kansas

Books for all

One of world’s largest publishers, Macmillan, has implemented a new policy for e-books that dramatically affects libraries and, most important, the millions of patrons who rely on them for access to reading material. Fearing that free checkouts eat into revenue and profits, Macmillan is all but withholding e-books from libraries for eight weeks after their release — denying their patrons the same access as other readers.

Most concerning is the impact of the embargo on the mission of libraries to encourage, expand and often initiate reading. Particularly for younger readers, e-books are vital to get patrons to encounter books and acquire skills that come from the ability to read.

In response to Macmillan’s new policy, libraries nationwide — including the major libraries in the Kansas City area — have launched a petition at ebooksforall.org. As public institutions supported by taxpayer dollars, we also are asking for help from our taxpaying citizens in protesting these actions to limit the availability of e-books, most notably to those in our community who are poor and rely on free access through their libraries.

Please support us by signing the petition; talking to your government representatives at the city, state and federal levels, and even writing to Macmillan.

- Sean Casserly, county librarian, Johnson County Library; R. Crosby Kemper III, executive director, Kansas City Public Library; Steven V. Potter, library director and CEO, Mid-Continent Public Library

K-State realities

The 2019 Sunflower Showdown made me sad and angry all the same.

As a graduate of Louisiana State University, I was sad to see a football team coached by Les Miles play the game so poorly. Was this the same man who led my alma mater to a national championship in 2007?

After this game, I came to the depressing conclusion it is time for Miles to retire. Admitting defeat will not diminish anything he accomplished at LSU or Oklahoma State. I doubt Nick Saban would have much success with the current Jayhawk roster.

The anger comes from the arrogance of Kansas State fans. That arrogance has existed in Manhattan during most of the past 30 years and has reached new highs in Chris Klieman’s first season as coach. I’m certain a statue of Klieman is in the works to be erected next to Bill Snyder’s.

A deeper dive reveals Snyder built his legacy upon dozens of victories over cupcakes. Meanwhile, K-State won very few games that truly mattered, the 2003 Big 12 championship game versus Oklahoma the exception.

The arrogance of Kansas State fans over a program that has won two conference championships since 1935 makes Alabama fans seem downright humble.

- David Steinle, Russell, Kansas

Hemmed in

In all my 65 years, I have lived in the Kansas City area, 13 of those near the Truman Sports Complex. I had never had a problem — even once — close to what I experienced Sunday. And I had never been treated with disrespect by the Kansas City Police.

I accidentally found my car in pregame traffic on our way to church, with no way out. Everywhere was blocked, not allowing me to turn around. Traffic was stopped. This was the first time this had happened to me, and I became alarmed, feeling trapped.

As I tried to move through a space in a barricade, a police officer stopped me, insisting I stay in the pregame line and threatening to write me a ticket. He was disrespectful in telling me that it was Chiefs game day, that I “need to get over it.”

When I explained that there were other concerns in this city, he said, “That’s life.” Another officer wanted to verbally direct my driving when I was finally allowed to turn around and made the statement that I was being “facetious,” in a way that showed he didn’t understand the definition.

Kansas City, don’t allow the Chiefs to take over common sense. One sign saying, “Last possible turn here to avoid stadium traffic,” is all that is needed.

- Rosemary Boudreaux, Raytown

Green-eyed idea

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.” — Winston Churchill, Perth, Scotland, May 28, 1948

- Frank Green, Kansas City