Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss whether the ‘Arrowhead Chop’ is an honor — or just tired?

Chop of honor

In a world where everything is offensive and nothing is sacred, the motley crew who write editorials for The Star have struck again with Saturday’s “Stop the offensive ‘Arrowhead Chop.’ It’s time for a new Chiefs tradition.” (9A)

Please. You want to know what’s offensive to most Americans? NFL players taking a knee in protest before a game. If memory serves, the editorial board scarcely got excited at that, and in fact supported the protest. (Oct. 6, 2017, 10A, “Why they kneel: N-words at Arrowhead”)

The Arrowhead Chop is really a tribute to Native Americans whose valor and honor come to mind whenever it is displayed. If dishonoring the flag (and nation by extension) is free speech according to The Star, then the chop is likewise free speech.

Its use at football games is merely an attempt to rally the team — nothing more, nothing less.

- Bob Tobia, Lee’s Summit

On the other hand

Both the “Arrowhead Chop” and “Start Me Up” have at least become monotonous. Both have been around for several decades, and many would say that the chop is racist and the Rolling Stones’ song is sexist.

I think both could be phased out by introducing other chants. Ask your readers to make suggestions.

My idea: the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song “Red Right Hand” by Pete Yorn. It’s probably not well known, but it would make a great chant with its ominous intro music that could be followed by the fans thrusting their right hands skyward while chanting “red right hand.”

- Ken Becker, Prairie Village