Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Sanders’ expensive plans, war powers and the left’s ‘hatred’

Pay the freight

I have a question for the author of a Wednesday letter in support of Sen. Bernie Sanders (13A): What are you willing to do, give up or pay to satisfy your wants?

- Robert E. Lubert, Overland Park

Hidden damage

Years ago, a good friend was assaulted, hit over the head, strangled and left for dead in a state forest. Passersby found her. As she recovered in the hospital, friends and I used dry shampoo to clean blood out of her long hair, because the nurses had not had time to do it. Such a memory stays with you.

So, I was shaken when I read that a KU student recently charged with making a false rape report had bruises on her neck. (Oct. 18, 9A, “Too drunk to drive but OK to consent to sex?”) I was aghast to read that the Douglas County district attorney claimed such injuries were part of “normal” sexual relations.

Alliance for HOPE International cofounder Gael Strack found that men who non-fatally strangle partners have greatly increased chances of later killing those partners. These women’s injuries often seem minor, such as scratches or abrasions.

If a woman lost consciousness, even briefly, this might mean she was near death or suffering a traumatic brain injury. Even a one-time injury (such as what a rape survivor might experience) can be deadly.

I encourage everyone in the legal and medical professions to read “No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us” by Rachel Louise Snyder.

- Janice Stallings, Kansas City

Infant risk

A Fisher-Price Rock ’n Play is a popular infant sleeper used by millions of parents. Consumer Reports has reported that since 2011, 32 infants have died while in this product. The U.S. Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price have recently taken the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics in recalling the Rock ‘n Play.

In an effort to decrease infant deaths, the academy recommends babies sleep on their backs, on a flat surface and without blankets. Allowing a baby to sleep in an inclined device such as the Rock ‘n Play increases the risk of suffocation or strangulation, because the baby can roll into the side of the soft sleeper or slide down and become trapped in the restraints. The incline can also place the baby’s airway in an unsafe position.

As a mother of two, I understand the feeling of desperately wanting your baby to sleep. However, as a pediatric nurse practitioner, I urge you to perform your research regarding the safety of baby products.

To request a refund on the Fisher-Price Rock ’n Play, visit bit.ly/RockNPlayRecall or call 866-812-6518.

- Laura Martis, Olathe

Rein it in

The U.S. Constitution specifies that Congress is to authorize and oversee war powers, but since the 9/11 terrorist attack 18 years ago, Congress has given that power to the executive branch. What was intended as a temporary emergency response to a specific attack has since been used by three presidents to justify 41 military interventions in 19 countries.

Congress needs to restore the balance of powers so wisely written into the Constitution. James Madison rightly cautioned that the executive branch is much more inclined to declare war than the legislative branch — the latter representing those whose sons and daughters will be called upon to wage war.

Recently, five members of the Greater Kansas City Advocacy Team of the Friends Committee on National Legislation visited Rep. Emanuel Cleaver‘s office in Independence to urge repeal of the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force. Its repeal would specifically remove the White House’s ability to wage war on Iran, unless authorized by Congress.

Particularly in light of the combative and mercurial temperament of the current commander in chief, Congress needs to void its blank check for war.

- Jim Hannah, Independence

Not the sinner

The author of an Oct. 27 letter (14A) lumped all members of the progressive left together, accusing them of not only hating President Donald Trump but hating all those who voted for him as well.

I can speak only for myself, but I don’t hate Trump, because he is simply a very sick individual. I do hate what he has done and continues to do. And I do hate the fact that those who voted for him continue to be blind to the damage he is doing to our country, much of it irreversible.

I find it interesting that many on the right distrust the educated “elite” even more than the economic top 1% who use those conservatives to stay on top.

As far as hate is concerned, I try hard to practice hating the sin, not the sinner.

- Brian Steele, Olathe