Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss impeachment’s upside, Roger Marshall and GOP’s Russia stance

Classical benefit

One good thing that has come out of the impeachment inquiry: a return to classical Latin. Seriously, when was the last time any of us heard the term “quid pro quo” bandied about in common usage?

What will be the next new phrase to re-enter the lexicon? “Mens rea” (“guilty mind”)? Or perhaps “actus reus” (“guilty act”)?

Maybe it’s not so bad after all if we can learn a little something despite the noise and hype.

- Fran Abram, Overland Park

Conjecture off

A letter Thursday (10A) accused GOP members of Congress of “storming” a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility where Rep. Adam Schiff and his Democratic colleagues were holding closed-door hearings concerning the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump.

It’s true the Republican representatives forced their way into the meeting, but that’s where the letter goes off the rails. The writer is entitled to her opinion, but not her own facts, which were reported by all the major media outlets.

She wonders if the Republicans were “intentionally trying to retrieve classified information in order to transmit it to Russia or other enemies.” First, the information discussed was reported to have been unclassified, and, second, there was never any mention of GOP members trying to “retrieve” or take any documents from the room.

I just want to set the record straight.

- Thomas J. Moran, Raymore

I’m not sick

Rep. Roger Marshall recently stated, “The people of Kansas are sick and tired of these impeachment hearings.” (Oct. 24, 1A, “Senate candidate Marshall joins Republican impeachment disruption”)

Excuse me, but I live in Kansas and am not in any way “sick and tired” of these hearings. Rather, I am delighted the House is finally proceeding with its impeachment inquiry.

The Republican president is a compulsive liar and an embarrassment to our country. He flaunts his ignorance and leaves our allies on the battlefield to be slaughtered (against the advice of the military). Our country deserves better.

- Susan Tozier, Olathe

It’s about Russia

Republicans used to be staunchly anti-communist. Republicans used to be wary of anything Russia did. Republicans used to even be able to see the hidden activity of Russian communists.

How can Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts continue to call themselves Republicans if they acquiesce in President Donald Trump’s continued pro-Russian activity?

How can my elected officials stand by while Trump cedes territory to Russia?

How can they stomach it when Trump hands Russia assets it has been seeking for decades?

I am a Republican. I don’t trust the Russians. I will no longer support anyone who calls himself Republican unless that person can bring him- or herself to censure the president’s activities that aid Russia.

- Delmer Harris, Overland Park

Fired, patients

Please get your children the flu shot. One hundred thirty-eight American children died of influenza last year.

I am a pediatrician, and my job entails caring for children to the highest standard of care possible, which includes routine vaccination. Many parents I meet have questions regarding vaccine safety. Some, however, will categorically refuse vaccinations.

In my future practice, I will allow such parents a grace period when we discuss our mutual views and thoughts on vaccine safety and efficacy. If they still refuse, my policy will be to fire the parents from my practice. More and more doctors are adopting similar policies.

We are obligated to protect all children who walk through our doors and use our waiting rooms. Our sickest patients with compromised immune systems and infants who are too young to receive vaccines are directly endangered because of others’ vaccine refusals.

As pediatricians, we are trained to be open-minded. It is important to understand the fear parents face regarding vaccines. But I will not acquiesce with apathy. Look no further than our 1,250 measles cases this year: The writing is on the wall.

Vaccines are safe, and they save lives.

I will do no harm.

- Daniel Kornfeld, Overland Park

Them versus us

It’s amazing how the progressive left supported by CNN and its media clones have failed to bring down President Donald Trump. Have no doubt it’s not just Trump they hate; it is everyone who voted for him. We are the primary target of their wrath. It’s Middle America facing down the coastal elite.

- Gregory Bontrager, Hutchinson, Kansas