Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the tomahawk chop, childish Trump and the census in Kansas

Keep chopping

This is my response to the author of an Oct. 9 letter to the editor (14A) saying Chiefs fans should quit doing the tomahawk chop at Arrowhead Stadium:


- Doug Mager, Butler, Missouri

Count all Kansans

On Nov. 5, Kansans will be asked to amend our state’s constitution.

Why? To eliminate a decades-old requirement that Kansas officials adjust the U.S. Census count for our state. Currently, non-permanent residents in the military and those enrolled in higher education are subtracted from our count. We are the only state that follows this practice.

The proposed amendment would eliminate the requirement that state legislative districts be redrawn based on an adjusted census count that leaves those people out.

Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab estimates that in 2020, it will cost $834,000 to adjust the census. For more information, go to http://bit.ly/2019ballotmeasure, and for full text of the proposed amendment, go to bit.ly/KansasCensus.

If the constitutional amendment is approved by voters Nov. 5, all districts — for the Kansas House, the Kansas Senate and U.S. Congress — that will be drawn by the Legislature in 2022 will be based on the same unadjusted U.S. Census counts.

The League of Women Voters of Johnson County and the League of Women Voters of Kansas support this constitutional amendment.

- Ellen Miller, President, League of Women Voters of Johnson County, Lenexa

Time to act

Republicans are upset and seemingly surprised that President Donald Trump is acting like a child regarding the current crisis in northern Syria — a crisis of his own making.

What they have failed to acknowledge, at least publicly, is their own role in reaching this point.

Trump has been acting childishly from the day he took office: bullying opponents and allies alike, and often babbling incoherently about his own greatness and the incompetence of anyone who dares to question that greatness.

Coddling, enabling and excusing this unpresidential behavior has only emboldened him. Continuing to do so will only increase the likelihood that his impulsiveness will lead to even more catastrophic consequences in the future.

It is beyond time for all congressional leaders, Republicans and Democrats, to take a stand.

If Trump cannot change his juvenile approach to leading our country, he should be removed from office.

- Randall J. Kietzman, Kansas City

Bring them home

What would you prefer watching at the now-padlocked stadium in Kansas City, Kansas: a T-Bones game full of old athletes who love playing baseball and can’t give it up, or a Royals affiliate (Class A ball, high or low, or AA ball) where real stars are being made?

I think that’s a no-brainer.

Other Major League Baseball clubs have seen the merit of having minor league teams close to their home bases, like the Atlanta Braves’ Gwinnett Stripers and the New York Yankees’ Staten Island Yankees.

When Royals players have to go on rehabilitation assignments in the minor leagues, the major league team sends them to Northwest Arkansas or Omaha. So why not KCK?

I love the Royals, but many families like mine would love to support our team in a nearby stadium — and at a price even working families can afford.

This is an easy decision for the team’s new ownership. It would build local support and love for the Royals. I bet the businessman who bought the T-Bones couldn’t argue against this view.

- John Koehler, Raytown

Celebrate literacy

Oct. 20-26 is National Friends of Libraries Week. This date corresponds closely to the one-year anniversary of Kansas City taxpayers’ approval of the levy to increase funding for public libraries.

The Friends of the Kansas City Public Library were intimately involved, from the ground up, in this endeavor, speaking at neighborhood groups and asking you, the taxpayer, for your support of the library’s mission.

And we succeeded. Your 91% approval was great. But the Friends know that our public institution cannot do all things alone. Our group continues to support our libraries through sponsorship of programs, naturalization ceremonies, book sales, purchasing books for book clubs and the Writers for Readers dinner Nov. 13 at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

This letter is also a thank-you to The Kansas City Star. Your endorsement of the levy last year was a critical boost. We applaud our citywide commitment to literacy and to learning.

The Friends welcome all who want to join our vital organization.

- Kathie Allison, Kansas City