Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Maxine Drew will lead KCK schools with respect for heritage

Faith in Drew

Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools have a tradition of steady improvement honored by the Kansas State Board of Education and National Association of School Boards. They exceeded department expectations from 2013 to 2017. This rich history of progress has included celebration of our cultures and embracing economically challenged families and new immigrants.

McKenzie Breidenthal, Ramon Murguia and I believe in public education and support this district. Regrettably, the tradition was interrupted after the election of 2017. Under then-President Valdenia Winn, the new board hired a superintendent who is reluctant to live in our school district; who shows little curiosity about our community, its challenges and strengths; and whose brief tenure has created low morale among employees and many resignations.

Given the results under Winn, we are grateful that in August the board chose Maxine Drew as its president. She represents a link to our tradition of improvement and stability.

Now it is the voters’ turn. Of the 11 candidates for four seats, we believe these are the most qualified: Janey Humphries, Randy Lopez, Yolanda Clark and Monica Crowe. McKenzie Breidenthal, Ramon Murguia and I believe they would approach the board with a commitment to teamwork, both among the board members and with the staff and larger community. Then the Board of Education can get back to steady improvement and stability for the success of our students.

- Sally Murguia, Kansas City, Kansas